• The Portuguese fort that stood here was mostly destroyed by cannon during the Dutch siege in 1644. The Dutch fort was built on its ruins, not on the usual square pattern, but on a pentagonal one, though it had only four bulwarks. The fifth one was never built.
      Today only ruins are left.

      The Fort was demolished in the late nineteenth century by the British, who used its stones to build a prison. The main remnant is an ambivalent mound and part of the eastern wall with the main gate that gives entrance to a tunnel that opens into what was once the courtyard. A clock tower behind it has been added at Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.

  1. Karen says:

    Lovely pictures and thanks..I learned something as well. Interesting to learn about the history of the fort.

  2. RuneE says:

    Although the prison must be out of use by now, you have captured some of the feeling and fear that will ever remain in such a place.

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