I spent two weeks in Goa, India in the country of curry’s and Tikka Masala’s and so on…I arrived home a week ago, but have been suffering still from the Indian Welcome as the doctor said, after seeing me at my hotel room. Stomach flu vaused by a bacteria. I thought I’d post one photo to say hi to all, still seeing these posts :-). I just loaded my photos so I will drop the slowly but surely here as I have time to edit them to predentable form.

Here are some spices from the market, I bought some so now I have fresh spices for some time.

night market, Goa (3)-1.jpg




  1. lepis says:

    Tervetuloa takaisin! Toivottavasti voit jo paremmin! Vihoviimeinen tauti tuo matkailijan vatsatauti! Luulisi tämän pakkasen vihdoin ja viimein kellistävän kaikki pöpöt!

    Ihanan lämpimiä värejä kuvassa! Ja mielenkiinnolla jään odottelemaan kuviasi tuolta maailman kolkalta 🙂

  2. hilary sherringtonross says:

    Like your spice photo, India is great for photograph.wonderful colours. I and my husband have been many times and nearly always ignored the famous “Dehli Belly”.

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