I am surviving it’s grey outside, but i have a new hair color so all is good! Is this not one of the most annoying questions, what should I do with my hair? This time I solved it this way. Blonder, shorter.  The other question is, what should we make for dinner?


Do you agree with these very important questions or do you have better annoying and hard and more important questions?


  1. Love the new hairstyle/color. What to have for dinner is more important to me than my hair, but I do need to make an appointment for a cut and it just doesn’t seem to happen. 🙂


  2. lepis says:

    Makee tukka! Lounaasi on kyllä vähän pienen puoleinen… pärjääkö sillä 😮 Ruokapolitiikka se niin usein pistää pähkäilemään ja minä olen ainakin niin laiska kokki että variaatiot ovat ihmeitä.

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