1. Marie says:

    Beautiful. They remind me of a lake in Minnesota where my family would go camping. Even the dock.

      • Marie says:

        I’ve heard t;;hat. The are in which I grew up was the flat prairies of the western part of the state. Mostly Germans, Norwegians, and French settlers. The Finns were more in the northeast, in the Iron Range area. I think Finland gets colder and a lot more snow in the winter because it is at a much higher latitude, about even with Fairbanks, Alaska, where one of my sisters lives. They have beautiful summers and dark, cold winters. Happy weekend.

      • Sorry for delay in response, I have been totally lazy and on holiday. Luckily we do not have Alaska temperatures, but it does get cold here, but we are due to climate change getting warmer winters with less snow… more European winters.

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