Beach Life

I know you must be tired of seeing my photos of beaches and cliffs, I don’t care. We stopped here also for a moment (Pomponio State Beach) . I have admit that these too are photos that do justice to the atmosphere on the beach that day, I rather like these. I also did a set of these photos that I edited rather strongly, I do like them also and I will post them in a separate post.

Pomponio State Beach

This beach is located 12 miles south of Half Moon Bay along the San Mateo coastline, this area provides access to miles of gently sloping, sandy beaches at the base of high sandstone bluffs. 

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  1. No en minä kyllästy rantsuihin tai kallioihin, ei ei! Ihanan näköinen paikka! Tuolla olisi kiva viettää kesäpäiviä, ja vähän muitakin.

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