High contrast

Contrast is what makes photography interesting.

— Conrad Hall

Original colors, do notice the red car 🙂

By merely increasing or decreasing the amount of contrast in any area we can move the observer through the painting or photograph.

Black and while high contrast image.

Texting and conversations

Casual conversation

“Producing a photographic document involves preparation in excess. There is first the examination of the idea of the project. Then the visits to the scene, the casual conversations, and – talking, and listening, and looking, looking. … And finally, the pictures themselves, each one planned, talked, taken and examined in terms of the whole.”

52 Frames, Week 9: Reflections!

I did have an idea at to begin with to this challenge, yesterday I was given too many options. If you have read or seen any of my posts you will know, well, I have a dilemma . Drove to Helsinki to check out the beautiful city library, the whole square where it is located is full of reflection opportunities.

Light. That’s the medium photographers create their art with. We usually play with light and shadows but this week we’re going to try something often overlooked – Reflections. Boost your photo’s aesthetic by using reflections – add more depth and complexity with this aspect of photography and see the world in a whole new way.

The first shot is not from there but from my office window as I thought it came out rather nicely.

Office view from my office to a traffic circle in Kirkkonummi.

Be creative and think of using symmetry with mirrors or tangentially, go beyond the literal. Visualize your composition, be patient and don’t hesitate to try new stuff out to get a great shot.

Take time to observe your surroundings for cool opportunities out there or feel free to make your own indoors. Just ask yourself: “What is the light doing here ?”

Support for the current situation in the world can seen in reflection
Music hall and Helsinki sign reflected from the opposite building
Reflections on entrance to the Oodi library

Oodi is a striking building with its glass and steel structures and wooden façade, its design a combination of traditional and contemporary flavours. The energy-efficient library is an impressive calling card for Finnish architecture.

Below are reflections on the Music Hall in Helsinki

Red car and Oodi

Lights and costumes

Yesterday, when visiting the Theater Museum in Helsinki. There was lights and actions as small visitors had fun with the props they had at display.

52 Frames, Week 8: Rule Of Thirds !

I had no idea to begin with to this challenge, but as we yesterday went to a museum tours, it kind a came to me. The new locations and the lights there and few moments captured my attention. I have 20 hours to choose what I am going to submit. Want to help me?

The first one I liked that the girl in the phot and the subject where both looking down. same but with to different compositions. These are from Pictorialism – the Dawn of Photographic Art

The Rule Of Thirds  – one of the earliest photo composition techniques that an aspiring photographer comes across in their photo journey.

It’s simple, versatile, and effective in many situations.

It’s a classic for a reason – it works well and improves photographic composition immensely.

Simply put, place two vertical lines to divide the image into 3 equal columns and two horizontal lines so you also have 3 equally-sized horizontal rows so the entire scene is divided into 9 segments. (Think, tic-tac-toe grid.) Place points of interest in the scene where the lines meet to improve the overall look and feel of the image.

These are from the Theatre Museum.

52 Frames, Week 7: Unexplored!

I had to struggle with this, as the weather did not in anyway give any reason to want to go and explore. It was a really wet week, there was slush everywhere, angle deep in places. It has been raining or snowing most of the time, not my kind of weather.

The great unknown – it’s often a good idea to visit new places and experience new things. That’s why this week, we’re encouraging you to take shots of places hitherto Unexplored.

You can find new places and experiences wherever you are – in a bustling city or an idyllic rural setting and everything in between. Take a moment to think about what you want your image to portray – excitement, beauty, nostalgia or even something poignant. Since you’re likely going to be in a new place, do be patient with yourself and the surroundings.

Well, one place near by saved me, it was not totally unexplored as I have been there once before. It is only a little white lie..

Something I noticed #27

Something I noticed, the beautiful light coming in, the white curtains and tablecloth. the window view is not the most spectacular one, but many times that is the case.

Still, I hope you are enjoying it anyway.

White tablecloth is not trending at the moment 🙂

Simplicity is the theme in this one, I think.

Something I noticed #26

Something I noticed, the beautiful light coming in, the white curtain, and green walls to match the colors on the other side of the window, hope you are enjoying the same sight now.

white curtain

I also did a black and white version as the contrast and light kind of demanded me to do so, you know what I mean. 🙂 This time the color one appeals to me more.

Something I noticed #24

Come on in, something I noticed when entering the room was this old door knob.

Something I noticed #23

Old tableware, that’s what something I noticed and the very old wallpaper.

An old water jar and two glasses

Something I noticed #17

Stairs, up and down. Come and go… Just something I noticed and really liked. The light play, leading lines.

Three takes in color and black and white versions too, looking at the stairs from three different angles. Up, down and from the side.

The darkest version is my favorite. That was not hard to guess, it think 🙂

Something I noticed #14

A chair in a corner, just something….yes I noticed it several rooms.

A chair in a corner

Something I noticed #12

Window, I know again. Just something I noticed and really liked.

Three takes color, and then two black and white ones with different exposures and contrast.

The darkest version is my favorite. That was not hard to guess, it think 🙂

Something I noticed #11

Reflection. I always look for those. I am also reflecting, pondering about the past and future.

I visited some art and photography exhibitions this summer, as well as looking at art, I looked at the people looking at it and , yes, reflections.

Something I noticed #10

Looking out, and in. Just something I noticed, both so inviting.

Something I noticed #8

Window view. Looking out, and it looks so nice. Just something I noticed.

Vintage Rose

If you had not already guessed this was a theme in my FB photography group in April. Topic was Vintage rose, here are some of my efforts to capture the theme.


Small joy is this too, my office has a new paint and I placed the furniture differently and my space looks different which’s nice. Veikka has moved in with me, taken over the armchair I got for myself. I am rather pleased with the result. The only thing new is the paint and the new area rug. There he lays sleeping and snoring while I write this post. I notice the photos ain’t that great as I just quickly took them with my mobile. I am just lazy.

Clean and tidy

One day spent cleaning and tidying the summer house. First floor is now ready for the next visit.

making an effort

As all my art studies are on a break due to Covid, well I have been lazy. I have had an idea, intention to do something, but when the push came to shove, nothing happened. Today I made an effort. I am looking for inspiration as it exists if it finds you working. I am rather proud of that fact that I got this far, not so much of the outcome, but they are not so bad, that I would not show them. Feel free to comment 🙂

So today I took my aquarelle colors out, took time to clear the easel from the other works I store one it. Then I started to play with colors, with the warm palette.

My last three aquarelle paintings

found in an old chair

I has you guessing in an earlier post as to what I’ve photographed, well, these are from the same topic, old chair springs that he replaced for new ones. It is hard to find new things to take photos off. Soon we will have spring and I can see the nature come to bloom and that will help a lot. Take care everyone of yourself and your loved ones.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking the image.