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We made it here, days have been so busy and long that the idea of doing a post did not even cross my mind. Here are some shots . I will be posting better quality photos when I m back home. here are few shots from Sydney

How to survive November ~ 21

Thursday, was slightly colder and for the first time I took my winter coat on. This way I did not have to have so many layers of clothing on. Life is surprising, it’s always unpredictable, sometimes in a good way, other times not so much. The same applies to the weather. Were am I going with this… no idea. Here is my photo of the day. Tinka to the rescue

January 28

Imagine a historic Italian estate in a spectacular subtropical setting and you’ll begin to imagine Vizcaya! Built as the private winter home of American businessman James Deering in the early 1900s. Sneak peek of this gorgeous place.

Water Lilies #4

As I stated in my first post, I took hundred photos at least…I think these are the last photos of pink water lilies I will post for now. There are white ones and yellow ones too, and the leaves… the # 5,#6, etc. will continue.Waterlillies -Mustio-64Waterlillies -Mustio-62