52 Frames, Week 5: Black And White!

Why does black and white photography so often grab our attention more? It’s because we have the ability to create STRONGER elements in our frame, by taking away much of the distraction that often comes with color. It’s simply less “things” for our brains to take in. But more than that, black and white will accentuate just that, so you can create more contrast and light/shadow play within your frame to tell a powerful story.


They evoke stronger emotions by paying greater attention to shadows, contrast and texture – three photographic elements that push good b/w images to become great ones. 

Here a photos I am considering as one of my shots for BW entry. What I am trying to bring to focus in these shots are natural, age positive, emotion. My husband is a good sport as he is always ready to pose.

Any suggestions, idea, what do you think, can you find the elements of a good black and white shot in these.

How to survive November 2020

It is here the dreariest moth of the year for me here in Northern hemisphere. The whole month is a constant loss of light. Gray. Depressing. I am taking on a theme for this month. Monochrome. Black and White photos all month. I am taking on a challenge of editing one old photos to my best ability to Black and White, plus one new photo a day, hey, you guessed it in Black and White. Do you you want to join me with this theme? If you wish to participate add your link here to LEPIS

This is the First of HTSN- 2020

Happy smile – portrait of a graduate

An old chest of drawers that is in my husbands office, we have several old side boards or bureaus or what ever you call them in our home. My husband lovers to restore them and we have more of them that we have places for them. It is his hobby. My hobby is art, paintings, sculpture and photography, for some reason they are also all around our house. I have placed my sculptures on the one that is in his office ,that I have not found proper places elsewhere, my four refugees and a woman with a book. Our wedding photo is there and so is my oldest sons wedding photo too, side by side. Continuance.

I was too lazy to go out into the grayness, this being the reason for this photo.

if you wish to participate add your link here to LEPIS

Study of tulip

I spent some time editing tulip images, there are only slight differences to this interpretations. The obvious one being some are black and white…other than that its about shades and light. Do you have a favorite

Landscape in Monochrome

What do you think of these images. I have not really done lots of landscapes in black and white. Cities, portraits, still life, in those I have thought it works beautifully. Now I have tried, I am rather happy how they turned out. I would not be sharing them if I wasn’t 🙂 .

Full moon, No? Yes? Sunset?
Longtail boat

CB&W – Signs

Signs are every where, mostly I do not take too much notice of them. These go in the theme what I’ve been posting on the blog lately. My trip to Las Vegas and California. I had to add one from the sign capital, Hong Kong. I have never seen so many signs on a street before.

MM 4-5: Hook

Weeks pass so quickly, here is my entry for MM 4-5: Monochrome Madness A HOOK.

Verla - Ritva Sillanmäki (17 of 42)

Found in the kitchen

MM -3 -47 -Cafe

My entry to Monochrome Madness is this photo from Villa Rullud in Espoo, they have there a cafe that is open once a month on a Sunday.

Winter (48 of 100)

MM -3-46 –at the pier

My entry to Monochrome Madness is this photo from Naples Pier in Florida. Great back light outlines the silhouettes clearly.


MM 3- 32 -Stairs

lines-and-paterns-4Here is my this weeks entry to Monochrome Madness .I took a day trip to Estonia and this was taken when people were lining up to  leave the ship.

towards the light

Towards the light we bend


MM 3-18: Stairway

Here is my  photo for MM 3-18: Monochrome Madness,  Artistic approach to  a stairway

Tallinn   (64)


It has been a long time since I took part in Monochrome Madness , I always seem to be a day late. The images there are worth looking at so have a look at the other entries too, lots of talented photographers participate in this challenge.

Here is my entry for this week, the theme was HIGH – Eiffel towel in Paris is that…I played with two images and ended up sending this highly edited version. Most of the time I want my photos to be as natural as possible, this time I chose differently,  comments?

Paris -Eiffel Tower
Paris on HDR

Eiffel Tower in Monochrome
Eiffel Tower

MM 2-52: Monochrome Madness

this weeks entry to MM 2-52: Monochrome Madness is this close-up of a book.Ritva Sillanmäki - book-close-up

Thank you with a Rose

I have been blogging for some time. In the begin I was slow getting followers, as I had no idea of what I was doing.   Them in 2014 I gained a lot of new followers, I was very active…, back then.I started to work fulltime again and surprise, surprise, it slowed down.  This spring I have gained many new followers to my surprise and joy.

I am so glad and happy for the old followers, and grateful that you still come and comment, even if I am very bad and lazy about doing it myself. Sorry about that!

I am also extremely happy for the new ones, thanks so much for the follows it means a lot to me.

I am one short for 1000 followers…anyone want to be the 1000 follower?
rose (3)

No Name

This is an air ventilation pipe, and for some reason I took a photo of it, and I like it. It’s shiny for one thing…

air ventilation