Lily of the valley

Love this flower and to my joy, we have lots of them on our yard. This years photos are to be seen here

CB&W: Flower

Lily of the valley is such a great flower to convert to B&W because of its simplicity and grace. The Finnish national flower.

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May Macro#31½

Lillies of the valley (25 of 74)

May, I cannot do a series of Macros of flowers, If Ido not include the beautiful and delicate Lily of the valley. So white and pure.

Lillies of the valley (58 of 74)

Lily of the valley

The  lily of the valley is in bloom even thought we are already in mid June. I love this delicate flower. I took several photos of it, here are few in monochrome.

lily of the valley

The weekend has been hot, humid. Last night out of nowhere these lillys of the valley bloomed

Berries of Lilly of the valley

The picture of Lilly of the valley with yellow berries was taken a week ago during the week they have changed in to nice orange-red.

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