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How to survive November ~11

Sunday was one more bleak day. Since we got home early this morning, we slept late. The joys of not having small children. Then we decorated. A new wallpaper did wonders to this room. I don’t know if I am trendy or not, but it is new and different. Our cats enjoy the flowers I bought

Monochrome 4 – 3 – clothes pegs

This week I have picked a detail I saw, I haven’t for years dried my clothes outside. somebody obviously still does,  clothes pegs,  is my pick for Monochrome Madness this week. This time the original is included for comparison,


Feather on a silver plate

I got so involved in these still life shots on my silver plate, here are the ones with a feather I tried to change the  lighting. What so you think, do these work? All photos can be enlarged with a click

Fading rose

I started with the idea of capturing the beauty of a fading rose, the texture and structure; that is, in its own way also lovely. I did end up taking also other sets;  marble my previous post. Kitty, and red necklace. Here is my faded roses first.

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