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Thank you with a Rose

I have been blogging for some time. In the begin I was slow getting followers, as I had no idea of what I was doing.   Them in 2014 I gained a lot of new followers, I was very active…, back then.I started to work fulltime again and surprise, surprise, it slowed down.  This spring I have gained many new followers to my surprise and joy.

I am so glad and happy for the old followers, and grateful that you still come and comment, even if I am very bad and lazy about doing it myself. Sorry about that!

I am also extremely happy for the new ones, thanks so much for the follows it means a lot to me.

I am one short for 1000 followers…anyone want to be the 1000 follower?
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Fading rose

I started with the idea of capturing the beauty of a fading rose, the texture and structure; that is, in its own way also lovely. I did end up taking also other sets;  marble my previous post. Kitty, and red necklace. Here is my faded roses first.

Ritva Sillanmäki -textures (14 of 62)

One Word Photo Challenge: Red

I usually do not remember flower names, but this on is Rock and Roll, the name stood out as slightly different, so it stuck on my mind. This red light below is so beautiful so I posted that also…as a sidekick.

Oregon coastline - one lighthouse-109

Split toning with Sonel’s Corner – Change of season

Frost bite 2013-8

I have posted the pictures so that the original is on the top ans split tones below

Frost bite  Splittones 2013-2 Frost bite 2013-3 Frost bite  Splittones 2013 Frost bite 2013-17 Frost bite  Splittones 2013-3 Frost bite 2013-33 Frost bite  Splittones 2013-4 Frost bite 2013-42 Frost bite  Splittones 2013-5 Frost bite 2013-43 Frost bite  Splittones 2013-6


Split toning with Sonel’s Corner – Change of season