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One of the groups I participate have color there, but not in collage. This month its pink. Going outside to find pink is not an option. It is a good thing I favor pink in apparel, I have lots of pink scarfs for one thing. I took several photos, does that surprise anyone, no? I took some time to edit them. Now I should pick my favorite, could you help me?

This one?

Fading rose

I started with the idea of capturing the beauty of a fading rose, the texture and structure; that is, in its own way also lovely. I did end up taking also other sets;  marble my previous post. Kitty, and red necklace. Here is my faded roses first.

Ritva Sillanmäki -textures (14 of 62)

One Word Photo Challenge: Pink

the color is PINK, I have tons of photos of pink flowers, but I thought I would try something different. I love pink lipsticks, here a few from my vast collection.


All photos can be enlarged by a click if you wish to see the different shades of pink 🙂

Welcome to Wednesday around the world!!

Still waiting  for spring and flowers to pop up in the nature, but Easter is approaching us, maybe some decorations  should be added to flowers. All photos can be enlarged by clicking them.


Pieni Lintu

New Year

I have no skill to take photos of fireworks, but I was able to capture some shots that make good ” artsy photos” of light – well that what I  would like to think anyways


Värikollaasi 155 – playground

This weeks colors – not the easiest to find. Thanks to this kids playground  – these bright colors are all there, what a relief.

1-2013-10-27 Oliver Snadistadi1 värikollaasi 155


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