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PHOTO CHALLENGE – Express Yourself

I have  to say, I express myself through photography, obviously. If you have visited my other blogs you know that  I also paint, do sculpture and digital art. I am now going to share some of my other artistic tendencies with you. Hope you appreciate them and note I am still  also on a learning curve in them too.

Daily Post PHOTO CHALLENGE – Dialogue

With an intuitive approach, I considered the photos’ subject matter and graphic attributes and chose those that resonated with each other, creating cross-dependencies and visual analogies. They’re combinations that tell a story.

The resulting dialogue — they story they tell — is the creation of each viewer’s individual perception.


Kirpeä – Tart

So many words for this – which one is the best, I’ve no Idea….

Ritva Sillanmäki (2 of 10)

hapan, karvas, katkera, kitkerä, pistävä, apple pie, kipakka /tart, crisp.  tangy, sour, zesty , bitter,pungent


Värikollaasit 165

drop 2-2014-01-9-16 Kap Verde

I’ve been very quiet lately as I’ve been rather ill past week,  so sorry for lack of comments…( I have sinusitis which is also the in the frontal lobe, and bronchitis. and to top it all a viral infection simultaneously.) I should not be doing this but I’m totally bored of laying down and resting.

Värikollaasi 165