Kollaasi 225 (13/2020)

 It’s time  to change a theme and for now shades of colors will be found in spices. The first spice color is nutmeg.

Kollaasi 224 (12/2020)

Kollaasi 224 (12/2020)! this weeks shades of colors are found from amethyst. Found a spelling mistake in my collage, but no problem, I often have them. Just letting you know I noticed it too but am too lazy to fix it .

Vintage finds
waterlilies and water-plants

Kollaasi 221 (9/2020)

This year the theme is – jewerlies. At this week shades of colors are found from topazl

The soft yellow tones were rather hard to find
not a total match, but not too much of the mark

Kollaasi 220 (8/2020)

At this week shades of colours are found from beryl.  I went through my archives again with these results.

Kollaasi 219 (7/2020)

At this week shades of colours are found from chrysoliteI am having so much fun planning and doing these collages and at the same time going through my photo archives. Discovering photos I did not remember I’ve taken. Some are truly finds 🙂 So much for modesty! I did three just for the fun of it 🙂

Kollaasi 218 (6/2020)

 At this week shades of colors are found from  sardius. The shades of colors do offer lots of variations.

Kollaasi 218 (6/2020)-V1
Kollaasi 218 (6/2020)-V2

Kollaasi 217 (5/2020)

 At this week shades of colours are found from sardonyx. Those who know me know that I certainly have hard choice of choosing. So, once again I made two collages, same pics, but different layout and could not choose which one to post. What can you do, you can either like them or not 🙂 that is your choice!

Kollaasi 216 (4/2020)

At this week shades of colours are found from emerald. Have a lovely week. Two takes on nearly same photos from Australia.

Kollaasi 213 (1/2020) – Jaspis!

Here is my entry for this week s color collage Kollaasi 213 (1/2020)

Värikollaasi 210

It has been ages since I participated in any photo collage “challenge” Here is my entry for Värikollaasi 210 (51/2019)

You are welcome to take part in this challenge where we play with images and colors. There are only one shade of color at this week – turquoise

view from a window

Iwas talking with Laura Macky about adding layers and effects to my pics, the top on is my original one , the others I played with. If you see this Laura what do you think
Steel machinery (204 of 241)-001art version 2art version1

MoM # 127 Scatter brain / imaginative

I have been playing with my images, creating digital art from them. How do you like my self portrait 🙂



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PHOTO CHALLENGE – Express Yourself

I have  to say, I express myself through photography, obviously. If you have visited my other blogs you know that  I also paint, do sculpture and digital art. I am now going to share some of my other artistic tendencies with you. Hope you appreciate them and note I am still  also on a learning curve in them too.

Winter Pastels – Photo collage

Winter pastels

More variations on the theme at Värikollaasi 212

Daily Post PHOTO CHALLENGE – Dialogue

With an intuitive approach, I considered the photos’ subject matter and graphic attributes and chose those that resonated with each other, creating cross-dependencies and visual analogies. They’re combinations that tell a story.

The resulting dialogue — they story they tell — is the creation of each viewer’s individual perception.


Värikollaasi 188


kollaasi coll

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