How to survive November 2021 Day 11

Yesterday was dark, rainy all day. Not my favorite weather. While at work I found those green lollipops, to help with my quest for green. I am doing my best not to use my archives for green. I do this to keep me going, being active, presenting myself everyday with a challenge to find green.

Today I chose to take photos of a sculpture, I am repeating myself again, I did years ago. I think I did these on my second year of studying sculpture. It is green and it helped me out of my search for today. Happy Thursday everyone.

Our favorite month, November! This year we’ll get rid of gray by painting the month in green. Lepis from Parallel lines has hosted this challenge for years, I have been part of it for several years too, feel free to join us 🙂

Open your world to a green November and enjoy your creativity. How you do it is free as long as it’s green!

PHOTO CHALLENGE – Express Yourself

I have  to say, I express myself through photography, obviously. If you have visited my other blogs you know that  I also paint, do sculpture and digital art. I am now going to share some of my other artistic tendencies with you. Hope you appreciate them and note I am still  also on a learning curve in them too.