Kollaasi 225 (13/2020)

 It’s time  to change a theme and for now shades of colors will be found in spices. The first spice color is nutmeg.

Kollaasi 224 (12/2020)

Kollaasi 224 (12/2020)! this weeks shades of colors are found from amethyst. Found a spelling mistake in my collage, but no problem, I often have them. Just letting you know I noticed it too but am too lazy to fix it .

Vintage finds
waterlilies and water-plants

Kollaasi 221 (9/2020)

This year the theme is – jewerlies. At this week shades of colors are found from topazl

The soft yellow tones were rather hard to find
not a total match, but not too much of the mark

Kollaasi 219 (7/2020)

At this week shades of colours are found from chrysoliteI am having so much fun planning and doing these collages and at the same time going through my photo archives. Discovering photos I did not remember I’ve taken. Some are truly finds 🙂 So much for modesty! I did three just for the fun of it 🙂

Kollaasi 217 (5/2020)

 At this week shades of colours are found from sardonyx. Those who know me know that I certainly have hard choice of choosing. So, once again I made two collages, same pics, but different layout and could not choose which one to post. What can you do, you can either like them or not 🙂 that is your choice!

Värikollaasi 215 (3/2020)

215 (3/2020) is the color for this week at Värikollaasit Kalkedon. I did to variations this week.


Värikollaasi 211

Wow, two weeks in a row. Värikollaasi 211 (52/2019) Joulun värit! ( Xmas Colors is the theme this week.

PHOTO CHALLENGE – Express Yourself

I have  to say, I express myself through photography, obviously. If you have visited my other blogs you know that  I also paint, do sculpture and digital art. I am now going to share some of my other artistic tendencies with you. Hope you appreciate them and note I am still  also on a learning curve in them too.

Värikollaasi #169 – Color Photo-collage

2-2014-03-01 1-2014-03-04

The idea in this challenge is to use 3-4 colors from the sample, I’ve added the sample colors into the photo-collage. I aim to use the original colors in the photos, that way it is more challenging to find the colors. This is what I came up with this week.

More behing the link: Värikollaasi 169


Värikollaasi 159


 One should include 3-4 of these colors in the photo collage

2-2013-11-22 kuihtunut ruusu1

Värikollaasi 159