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Kollaasi 217 (5/2020)

 At this week shades of colours are found from sardonyx. Those who know me know that I certainly have hard choice of choosing. So, once again I made two collages, same pics, but different layout and could not choose which one to post. What can you do, you can either like them or not 🙂 that is your choice!

Värikollaasi 216- Peaceful

Rauhallinen = Peaceful

The woods  are  a great to place to release stress, became peaceful. They say that 20 minutes is enough to lower your blood pressure… 5 hours a month is supposed to give you a healthier a less stressful demeanor. I buy this belief

Värikollaasi ~Darkness

These are  from Lapland a place called Lomavietonen, where I stayed during my visit. I can Highly  recommend the place. Friendly and  good service, delicious food. Me and my collaques were very happy to stay there. More at Värikollaasi 215

Värikollaasit 165

drop 2-2014-01-9-16 Kap Verde

I’ve been very quiet lately as I’ve been rather ill past week,  so sorry for lack of comments…( I have sinusitis which is also the in the frontal lobe, and bronchitis. and to top it all a viral infection simultaneously.) I should not be doing this but I’m totally bored of laying down and resting.

Värikollaasi 165