Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #230 – Last Chance

For this week’s challenge is hosted by Tina Schell from Travels and Trifles  Lens-Artists Challenge #230 – Last Chance we’re show casing our forgotton or should I say our not yet published shots. Now, the challenge is remebering if I’ve posted them or not. I discover that I have not taken all that many photos this year… sad but true. It obviouly also depends how people defines much.

The image above is new from last week. winter can be beautiful

She wrote; But what about the images that are among our favorites but have not fit any of the categories? This year we’re giving you an opportunity to include images on any and all subjects that are personal favorites – BUT, they must have been created in 2022 AND must not have been previously published.

Here are my Last Chance photos, please link your post back to Tina’s original post and tag Lens-Artists if interested in participating in it.

Hailuoto was one of my favorite places to visit this summer, I posted several black and white images from that trip, here are some with colors. I love watching clouds and they played a big part in the photos I took there.

My summer house and the nature is a constant inspitation to me – below

Details from nature are often important things to photograph to me at least as they are found near and are beautiful,

I have taken still life shots that I have not posted lke these pearls

And I found this 🎅 Santa resting on a bench during summer…

Posted for Tina’s Lens-Artists Challenge

Minimalist winter scenery

I have been away from my computer, and photos for a long weekend visiting my son and his family. So obviously I have missed a lot. Here are some more winter wonderland shots from last week

Pastel hues
Small shrubb in the field of snow

Wahat a calm view

Hay time

Watching others work. It is that time of the year when hay is being gathered from the fields, this summer earlier than usual

I was not expecting to have a summer holiday this year, but suddenly I found out that I could have two weeks. So hip hurray, I am on vacation 😊

It’s beginning to look…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring. A lovely warm day, well warm is so relevant to what you compare it with, but anyways, a lovely day at Kirkkonummi. I went out to see what is happening in the neighbourhood and buy some tulips to brighten the day. As today’s news are not all so uplifting, the opposite to be exact, so why not do something nice.

It lifted my spirits, so I decided to bake some cakes, hopefully they turned out nice. I have not tasted them yet, such self control. The scent they gave to the house was so delicious, if that’s an indicator, they are going to be fab 🙂 Banana chocolate cakes, I mixed together some of the ingredients that I had at home.

That’s my day so far, hope you have had a good one 🙂

In July the different shades of greens in the nature are so evident and beautiful. These are taken moments before sunset.

Autumn Vibes ~22

Driving from Porkkala in the afternoon we passed this field with the woods in the background  and a river with deep blue water. This sight appealed to me, mostly due to the light, the low light if autumn is beautiful. The lone walker on the road also caught my attention.

Autumn Vibes ~21

Driving to Porkkala in the morning we passed this field with a touch of mist still visible. This sight appealed to me, mostly due to the light. Looking to two directions from the same spot the light was totally different.The low light if autumn is beautiful.

Autumn Vibes~15

Vols 2018 (214 of 259)Vols 2018 (215 of 259)


Autumn Vibes~10

it has been a lovely weekend, yesterday was cloudy but warm, today sunny and warm. Perfect time to capture the magic of Autumn colors. This was the first stop

August country side

The nostalgic country side is for real.

Field mustard

Beautiful sunny summer day in Finland, such a treat, we have not had many of those this summer.

Fields web (16 of 17)Fields web (1 of 17)Fields web (3 of 17)

May sunset

Our spring is totally messed up, Saturday it was sunny +19, today evening it was snowing and +2C. These are from Saturday  just prior sunset. I like how the light colors the trees.


under the clouds

DSC06338 DSC06339
Walking on the road when looking to the rigth I saw blue skies on the other side grey… so much to see under the clouds
DSC06341 DSC06342

Cee’s / Landscapes

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Landscapes. This was something I could have posted hundreds of photos. Here are some places that have been an inspiration to me.

Landscapes from Ruuhijärvi

Yesterday was according to the weather forecast the last warm day(+24C) for a while. In the evening in turned grey, and today the temperature is only +6C andskies are grey, looks rainy. Not too happy about that. Summer does look great at this time of the year here in Southern Finland.

Sri Lankan country side in the morning

Värikollaasi 143

2013-09-07 morning mist boy in wheatfields

 see more  at; Värikollaasi 143

LetsBeWild.com – Green!

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Green!

Finland is Europe’s most heavily-forested country. Forests take over 74.2% of the land area.

There are about twenty indigenous tree species growing in Finland, the most common ones being pine, spruce  and birch ). Usually two or three tree species dominate a forest.

Naturally pure pine stands are found in rocky terrain, on top of arid eskers and on pine swamps. Natural spruce stands are found on richer soil. Birch is commonly found as an admixture, but it can occasionally form pure birch stands.

About half of the forest land area consists of mixed stands. Rarer species are found mostly as solitary trees. The south-western corner and the south coast of Finland are touched by a narrow zone growing oak, maple, ash and elm.

Green Green Green Green Green Greengreen green green green green