Blue calm

“A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.” ― William Wordsworth

Blue hour

I have done my best to stay away from the computer and social media, I have not posted in days or answered any comments. I will be doing that today. I spent nearly a week at our summer place enjoying a mini summer, we don’t usually have summer temperatures at this time of the year. So I took the advantage of it with all I have. Spent time in the hammock, spent all of the day outside Saw the miracle of spring summer bloom in one day. Amazing green is surrounding us at this moment.

Country road in the mist

As my last post was shared and it featured night shots, I am going to continue that theme. Saturday night we had a rain shower that lasted for about a hour and after that it cleared. At 11pm I went out side with my camera for a short walk, the air was so fresh and the mist on the fields lovely -I started with t the blue hour and watched as the sun was about to set. Here are some shot from my walk…

Kumian mylly

Kumian mills are located on the shore of Lake Salajärvi, the place where the landing river splits the narrow isthmus between the lake Salajärvi and lake Isokukkanen. The older, log mill building of the rubber mill dates from the 1890s and the tall wheat mill building from the 1930s.

I stopped to see how the mill has changed. It looks a bit different now than last year.

Kumiankoski is being restored to its natural state. Removing unnecessary dams is one of the easiest ways to protect and restore biodiversity.
The aim is to create a breeding ground and a hiking trail for endangered trout, among other things.
“The goal is an inherently rapids that allow fish to migrate. Planting of trout fry will begin immediately in the spring after rehabilitation. ”

At the same time, the length of Kumiankoski doubles from about 50 meters to one hundred meters.

August moon

Hi all,

long time since I posted here, summer being one of the reasons. Other is my digital art project that i have organized. I have also deleted two of my sites. Trying to organize my hobbies. I will most likely revamp this site too now that I am on a roll. Just to here to tell all is good, no covid or anything else but laziness with lack of posting, but I am back.

Moonlight over the fieöd

In July the different shades of greens in the nature are so evident and beautiful. These are taken moments before sunset.

April 11

we are finally leaving winter behind us, last days have been nice and warm. Nights are still cold, but slowly but surely spring is arriving. I for one am overjoyed about it.

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