I am repeating myself quit a bit, but cant help myself. I love the mist in August. Obviously I have tons of photos of it. Some better than others. Here are some, surprise, surprise from our summer house.

House on a hill

house on a hill  (1 of 1)-2

Foggy Friday

I was driving in the countryside and once again stopped at this lake in Vols as I’ve done many times before, it looked different as the fog was there to do its magic. This Foggy Friday looks good in pictures.
Vols Fabruary (2)Vols Fabruary (5)Vols Fabruary (6)Vols Fabruary (14)Vols Fabruary (20)Vols Fabruary (28)Vols Fabruary (35)

Afternoon in Hernesaari

I spent a beautiful afternoon in Hernesaari, Helsinki as sailboat sailed in to the fog. The fog came and went so quickly. It was so lovely to watch as the shades of blue changed and softened and sharpened again.

Midnight stroll

A stroll before sundown…linked to Wednesday around the world!!

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Pieni Lintu

Night walk in the country side

I went to take walk this evening during sunset, I left it behind my back and walked to the south along the country road. This is what caught my eye, soft tones of blue and green.
fog (48 of 75)

fog (49 of 75)

fog (50 of 75)

fog (62 of 75)

A Photo a Week Challenge: Off-Centered

These three are off-centered , the powerline on the right in the wheat field, the photo was taken at midnight yesterday as the fog came in. The boys and the chair… and more traditional the peony on the left in the evening light.fog- Ritva Sillanmäki (34 of 45) Raasepori-155 garden flowers- Ritva Sillanmäki (28 of 30)

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Green path

This week I’m displaying Which Ways – where there is a lot of grass in the photo.  Whether the grass is the actual path or surrounds the path. Here is my green path road. green path road green path with light green path with a cat Green path


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Cee’s Which Way Challenge: No. 8

Beautiful hazy foggy day

You can find beauty in a day full of hazy fog…if you look for it.

The sun was already going down and it was around 2 pm, in the first photos, and 4 pm in the last 4 photos.

ein stück himmel # 53

Skywatch Friday, Season 5, Episode 26

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