Sailing to marina

I am in a slump, you know, I want to do things, I paln to do things, it is my intention and then, I do nothing. Here is one thing I decided to do, and finaly did. A post,

I took these yesterday at Porkkala Marina, we had a lovely brunch there and saw of this wonderful old sailboat, sitting at the dock wathing the ripples on the water. So peaceful…

2nd of July

It has been a tiring three weeks, but I finally think I have beaten the flu. There seems to be lots of it going around. Maybe I can now get back to certain flow to get may Grete photos posted. But here is just a small summer greeting from my summer place.

Lakeside blues and cool water topped with ice-cream, can you top that? Summer!

Sweet strawberries, the season first for me and they were so tasty and sweet, one of my favorite treats of summer, fresh strawberries and new potatoes.

fresh tasty and sweet strawberries
Fresh strawberries
Fields of hay on a summer afternoon
Summer day in the countryside


As I stated in my 52 Frames post, that I would post a separate post about droplets. Here it is.

I love photographing them, most of them are not worth the digital space they take and sometimes I am lucky and I am happy with them and share them. As you have guessed, I am happy how these turned out. Minimalist, simple and green.

“A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.” – Henry David Thoreau

Something I noticed #10

Looking out, and in. Just something I noticed, both so inviting.

Something I noticed #9

Doors, windows. Looking in or out, discovery of something or just a door or a window. Just something I noticed.

Something I noticed #8

Window view. Looking out, and it looks so nice. Just something I noticed.

Trees on a hill

I was looking at some old photos and I came across these from a field near my summer house. I like this view it is so pretty. I so wish it was summer, I would be happy with spring too 🙂

under the clouds


Beautiful sunset in Lahti Finland
Sunset at the countryside

Beautiful sunset at near my summer house in Lahti, the green fields and orange sky make a beautiful contrast. Mist always adds an extra plus to the scenary

Ihana auringonlasku lähellä mökkiäni, vihreän ja oranssin kontrasti on aivan ihana. Sumu aina tehostaa kuvan tunnelmaa. Kyllä kesällä on niin kaunista.

Haikon Kartano

The first known reference to Haikko Manor dates back to the year 1362, but the present Manor House was built in 1913, it is located by the beautiful archipelago about 7 kilometres from Porvoo. Now days it is a Hotel Haikko Manor and Spa.


Last weekend ended our long summer heat chapter of temperatures around +30 C, it is not that common to have that warm weather here. I am getting old, as I who loves the warm weather, thought that it wont’t hurt if it comes down a bit. It didn’t need to turn to +15 C and rain, but it did, that Finnish summer for you.


Well on the last warm “tropical evening” I drove to several lakeside spots to capture the lovely sunset. The mosquitoes did bother me a bit, but it was a lovely evening.


Half moon over Salajärvi

Reeds by the lake at sunset

Summer flowers

This time of the year one is for sure not without things to photograph, I’ve taken these from our summer house, where the nature is near and present at all times. I know I post similar photos every year, but I am also delighted by them yearly.

Summer evening

I drove to the lake to take photos of a swan family, but they were not there, so I’ve added a photo my son took the night before. We are enjoying beautiful weather in Finland at the moment, but we must take all the joy from now, as you never know when it ends.


It is that time of the year that you can spot some waterlilies. We spent few hours at Mustio Castle grounds. It is a place I yearly love to visit, one of the reason is these flowers.

white waterlily

Random July 22

Summer holidays are time to relax, we have spent time at our summer-house past week. The weather is very warm here at the moment, cannot complain really, but it is warm 🙂 This a clover field near our house, I’ve never seen  field so full of clovers. It is rather beautiful sightOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


June -The water avens

This is  one of the Wild flowers I spotted last weekend, The water avens / Ojakellukka

wild flowers (27 of 33)

June – summer is here

June is here already and  I have been up to the same old stuff, taking photos of wild flowers and nature at my Summer flowers (99 of 118)summer-house. Hopefully I will expand my horizon this month so I won’t continue with macro theme. Even though I will be posting macro’s, maybe a landscape or two between. Maybe be as bold as do a throw back Thursday…


Field mustard

Beautiful sunny summer day in Finland, such a treat, we have not had many of those this summer.

Fields web (16 of 17)Fields web (1 of 17)Fields web (3 of 17)