Last weekend ended our long summer heat chapter of temperatures around +30 C, it is not that common to have that warm weather here. I am getting old, as I who loves the warm weather, thought that it wont’t hurt if it comes down a bit. It didn’t need to turn to +15 C and rain, but it did, that Finnish summer for you.


Well on the last warm “tropical evening” I drove to several lakeside spots to capture the lovely sunset. The mosquitoes did bother me a bit, but it was a lovely evening.


Half moon over Salajärvi

Reeds by the lake at sunset

9 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Upea auringonlasku ja jännät sävyt! Näistä saatiin nauttia. Nautitaan nyt tästä kaivatusta sateesta. Ihan kylmäksi ei kyllä tarvitsisi heittäytyä.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Ritva. It’s in the vicinity of 40C or more here, so 30 sounds pretty good. Of course we have only a tiny bit of humidity, making it much more bearable, but when it’s about 110F, it’s still hot. 🙂 Not much water means not many mosquitoes, too, which is a big plus.


        1. I lived in New York for a while and th summer there… I understood why ladies changed several times a day in movies after that 🙂 Then from there moved to Las Vegas and I walked into a dry hot sauna 🙂

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