52 Frames: Week 38:  One Light Source!

This week it’s One Light Source. I’m talking directional light – your subject ought to be lit by light coming from a single source – think speedlight or a shaft of sunlight coming through half drawn curtains. It’s the light source and direction that you need to think of first, before you set up your subject and decide on a composition.

This challenge is all about reminding ourselves of what it takes to paint with light – directional light need not be a harsh burst to produce sharp shadows. You can arrange for soft light to come through for a more pleasing look as well.

Look to place light at angles you’d normally not think of – a full side profile or light streaming down from a bare bulb on the ceiling, maybe a night shot illuminated by a neon sign or the perennial favourite of Silhouette Photography – it’s time to be creative and play with the light.

This was my entry

Well, this is what happens every night. My husband reads the latest news before going to sleep. Once again, I had lots of ideas, but ended up taking the easy way out. I was thinking of what to shoot and there it was laying next to me, mobile phone as a light source, so I took my phone and took a shot of a situation I see daily. How more real can you get, a documentary shot. Thanks babe, once again for being a good sport.

I also took a shot with my grandson holding a candle, and match being scratched

  • Set-up: Plan your lighting and concept before thinking about the actual composition.
  • Time Of Day: If you’re planning on shooting using daylight/sunlight as your source, experiment with how the light and shadows will play out at different times.
  • Modifiers: Reflectors, blockers and light modifiers are going to be key here to help shape the light.
  • Exposure Compensation: Consider using Exposure Compensation to expose the image as you think fit and not as your camera’s AI / sensor does.
warmth of a match

52 Frames: Week 35:  Edited By Someone Else!

This week we want you to release your artistic expression by having your image Edited By Someone Else.  The point of this challenge is to gain insight into the creative process of another person and see how their interpretation would perhaps differ from your own.

Seeing different creative strokes can not only help to broaden our own understanding of other styles, but also help us to grow on our photo journey. I want to thank Pirjo Tuominen as she kindly edited my photo for this weeks challenge.

Pirjo Tuominen edited this photo of me.

Below you can se the original and the three different edits, I am sure you are able to pick the original easily that has no edits at all 🙂 I did not take time taking this mobile phone shot, I had my phone in the position that I have while i read something on it and I took the picture. I didn’t have other makeup than I had done my eyes 🙂 Now that I look at it, a foundation would have made a difference to the skin.

52 Frames: Week 28: Silhouette -v2

Photography is drawing with light and this week’s Silhouette challenge firmly shows us that. A silhouette is about bringing together contrasts of a well-lit background against a dark subject, making the subject’s shape and outline as the main point of focus. A silhouette balances what the viewer sees alongside the darker toned facets of the subject that are intentionally kept hidden from the light.

Silhouettes are a great way to tell a story while leaving it up to the imagination of the viewer – there aren’t visible features to express emotion, so your viewer will fill in details depending on the context of the image – use this to direct your viewer’s line of thinking.

Waiting for the rain to stop

This is a lesson in exposure, composition and creativity all coming together. While silhouettes are outline.. Portraits, Still Life, Architecture and Nature typically make for good silhouette genres.

Silhouettes can often convey some kind of mystic story. By leaving the details in the dark, the story becomes compelling and the viewer is more engaged with the picture.

A boy and a fox

I was nearly ready to cheat, until my youngest grandson said he would let me take a photo of him. It was a rainy day and he sat by the window with a cuddly fox. Here was my opportunity to capture a silhouette


2nd of July

It has been a tiring three weeks, but I finally think I have beaten the flu. There seems to be lots of it going around. Maybe I can now get back to certain flow to get may Grete photos posted. But here is just a small summer greeting from my summer place.

Lakeside blues and cool water topped with ice-cream, can you top that? Summer!

Sweet strawberries, the season first for me and they were so tasty and sweet, one of my favorite treats of summer, fresh strawberries and new potatoes.

fresh tasty and sweet strawberries
Fresh strawberries
Fields of hay on a summer afternoon
Summer day in the countryside

52 Frames: Week 21: Inspired By A Photographer! #2

Andy Gotts MBE MA he is a photographer based in London, England, and New York, USA. He is most noted for his black and white portraits of Hollywood actors and singers, but he has occasional color shots, but even they are in muted colors.

I did not have a anyone famous to take photograph of, but my trusted model stepped up for the challenge.


Whether it’s legendary photographers whose work you’ve come across in a gallery exhibition or cool, modern photogs on Insta (and 52Frames.com), there are so many photographers whose work inspires me. Sometimes it’s just the concept, story and creativity of the composition; at other times, I find the technical aspects to be just jaw-dropping.

Being inspired isn’t the same as a 1:1 copy – far from it, it’s about learning and picking up certain aspects and nuances from a fellow photographer. Look at the tones and color palette that’s used or perhaps the technique that made it a shot for you to recall.

Still not sure whose work you’d like to pay tribute to or can’t choose from your photo heroes? Use our friendly random prompter to help you out with some well-admired photographers and the genres they’re best known for.


52 Frames: Week 21: Inspired By A Photographer!

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut, creatively speaking ? Maybe you’re not feeling it any more ? Well, let’s get our creative juices flowing and get Inspired By A Photographer. Mine is from the friendly random prompter the name that came was Kirsty Larmour. 

Beach Moment

Whether it’s legendary photographers whose work you’ve come across in a gallery exhibition or cool, modern photogs on Insta (and 52Frames.com), there are so many photographers whose work inspires me. Sometimes it’s just the concept, story and creativity of the composition; at other times, I find the technical aspects to be just jaw-dropping.

Being inspired isn’t the same as a 1:1 copy – far from it, it’s about learning and picking up certain aspects and nuances from a fellow photographer. Look at the tones and color palette that’s used or perhaps the technique that made it a shot for you to recall.

Still not sure whose work you’d like to pay tribute to or can’t choose from your photo heroes? Use our friendly random prompter to help you out with some well-admired photographers and the genres they’re best known for.

I took these shots of a family enjoying a early morning misty moment at the beach. I took the inspiration from Kirsty by capturing the closeness, natural moment, with out any posing. As Kirsty also uses monochrome a lot, I did also that. I use it a lot so we have lots of common. I need to pick one of these, so once again I am still don’t know which to choose.

My approach to photography is to capture real life – with a little sparkle on top fueled by my obsession with pretty light. I document the little things which might otherwise slip away

Family on the beach

My approach to photography is relaxed and yet emotion focused, and this shines through in the family stories I tell. I want to capture how you laugh and love together and all the other emotions that make up your tales. The tickles and giggles and hilarious family jokes that you share – the things that are unique to you are all to be celebrated. I love natural light, and natural settings, be it your home where you feel comfortable, the beach, or out having a burger. When I join you at a session location I have a nosey around to see how I can catch you and your family naturally and in the most perfect light.  I want to find out about you and see what makes you tick; this is how I capture your personalities and true emotions as they unfold.

I want to tell your story.

Kirsty Larmour 

Photography is about light and compositions and connections – nothing inspires me more than when I get all three to work together – you’ll often see what my kids call “dancing sunbeams” in my photos as I work with the light to shine on your family and bathe you all in a glow.

Kirsty Larmour 
Early morning at the beach in Monochrome

Happy family


It is finally here 😊spring! The beautiful new green is pushing through. The birch trees look lovely with light green leaves the grass is fresh green, small flowers are emerging from the soil. I feel myself coming alive. Today is sunny and warm, i am embracing this yearly miracle. T cleaned the dust from the camera, I am ready once again to capture the beauty of this season.

My hands are itching to get started

52 Frames, Week 13: Emotion

This week, in search for emotion and someone to photograph, I think I have over used my model, so I gave him a week off 🙂 I am full of emotions, I took some selfies as I had no one to else available had a busy week at work and did not getting anything done. No grandkids live near any more, because their expressive faces would have been so easy to capture true emotion.

On to a “creative-led” challenge this week! Really the core of what photography is about, the core of EVERY story – Emotion. Strong photos should tell a clear story and evoke feelings in those who see our shots.

sad, tired …

What could emotion look like? Perhaps the happiness reflected in the eyes of a child, the look of love shared between a couple, the joy of a team celebrating their latest win on the football field or even the pride of a baker showcasing their latest creation. Human emotions run deep and are varied – we can be pensive, or be battling our inner demons – introspective portraits can tell compelling stories.

Slightly optimistic, I will come up with something…

Or just happy ….

52 Frames, Week 11: An Activity!

I have been recovering from an oculoplastic surgery, I look like an owl. I have since Thursday been doing cold treatment, eye drops and antiseptic cream in eyes several times a day. So trying to get a shot of any sort of activity has been a challenge.

But we did go out for lunch yesterday so I took some shot then. I actually sat in the restaurant with my sunglasses on the entire time, felt a bit silly, but no way could ruin other peoples appetite by showing my eyes.

This week, in search for An Activity 

At any given point of time, we’re all doing something, so let’s capture that this week and shoot An Activity. This week’s challenge is deliberately open-ended and is there for you to make the most of your creative juices. Basically, think of a verb, something ending in -ing.

we do need to eat …

Capture a moment in time that depicts someone doing something. Set the tone of the image to add more depth and emotion to your shot. Think about why you want to capture this particular scene and how you can best convey that to your viewer. How ? Make good choices with your lens, composition, lighting and of course, how you edit your image in the end.

we could go walking
me watching hubby dropping snow from the patio roof..

Color or black and white.

52 Frames, Week 10: Low Key!

This week, we’re going low, or at least shooting Low Key. 

A low key image is going to have shadows, dark tones and, in a lot of cases, the subject of the photo is the only thing shown off with your lighting.

And speaking of light, there is usually only one source of lighting, but be careful because you could shoot with one light source and still not be hitting a true low key photo.

Low Key
Monochrome profile in Low key

A low key shot draws the viewer’s eye to your subject with no distractions. Think dramaintensity, and moodiness.

If you’re thinking low key is only for studio work, think again! You’ll see in our examples great low key photos of wildlife, architecture, even landscapes.

Low key photography doesn’t mean it has to be a black and white photo. It’s the overall dark you find in the tones, not the absence of color, though that works, too. 

Texting and conversations

Casual conversation

“Producing a photographic document involves preparation in excess. There is first the examination of the idea of the project. Then the visits to the scene, the casual conversations, and – talking, and listening, and looking, looking. … And finally, the pictures themselves, each one planned, talked, taken and examined in terms of the whole.”

52 Frames, Week 9: Reflections!

I did have an idea at to begin with to this challenge, yesterday I was given too many options. If you have read or seen any of my posts you will know, well, I have a dilemma . Drove to Helsinki to check out the beautiful city library, the whole square where it is located is full of reflection opportunities.

Light. That’s the medium photographers create their art with. We usually play with light and shadows but this week we’re going to try something often overlooked – Reflections. Boost your photo’s aesthetic by using reflections – add more depth and complexity with this aspect of photography and see the world in a whole new way.

The first shot is not from there but from my office window as I thought it came out rather nicely.

Office view from my office to a traffic circle in Kirkkonummi.

Be creative and think of using symmetry with mirrors or tangentially, go beyond the literal. Visualize your composition, be patient and don’t hesitate to try new stuff out to get a great shot.

Take time to observe your surroundings for cool opportunities out there or feel free to make your own indoors. Just ask yourself: “What is the light doing here ?”

Support for the current situation in the world can seen in reflection
Music hall and Helsinki sign reflected from the opposite building
Reflections on entrance to the Oodi library

Oodi is a striking building with its glass and steel structures and wooden façade, its design a combination of traditional and contemporary flavours. The energy-efficient library is an impressive calling card for Finnish architecture.

Below are reflections on the Music Hall in Helsinki

Red car and Oodi

52 Frames, Week 8: Rule Of Thirds !

I had no idea to begin with to this challenge, but as we yesterday went to a museum tours, it kind a came to me. The new locations and the lights there and few moments captured my attention. I have 20 hours to choose what I am going to submit. Want to help me?

The first one I liked that the girl in the phot and the subject where both looking down. same but with to different compositions. These are from Pictorialism – the Dawn of Photographic Art

The Rule Of Thirds  – one of the earliest photo composition techniques that an aspiring photographer comes across in their photo journey.

It’s simple, versatile, and effective in many situations.

It’s a classic for a reason – it works well and improves photographic composition immensely.

Simply put, place two vertical lines to divide the image into 3 equal columns and two horizontal lines so you also have 3 equally-sized horizontal rows so the entire scene is divided into 9 segments. (Think, tic-tac-toe grid.) Place points of interest in the scene where the lines meet to improve the overall look and feel of the image.

These are from the Theatre Museum.

52 Frames, Week 5: Black And White!

Why does black and white photography so often grab our attention more? It’s because we have the ability to create STRONGER elements in our frame, by taking away much of the distraction that often comes with color. It’s simply less “things” for our brains to take in. But more than that, black and white will accentuate just that, so you can create more contrast and light/shadow play within your frame to tell a powerful story.


They evoke stronger emotions by paying greater attention to shadows, contrast and texture – three photographic elements that push good b/w images to become great ones. 

Here a photos I am considering as one of my shots for BW entry. What I am trying to bring to focus in these shots are natural, age positive, emotion. My husband is a good sport as he is always ready to pose.

Any suggestions, idea, what do you think, can you find the elements of a good black and white shot in these.

Book me?

I love taking photos, I have been am a self learned photographer, even if I say so myself, I have a good eye. I see beauty all around me.

I take photos of everything that catches my eye, be it a tiny detail of a plant, beautiful view or urban surroundings.

Want a Portrait?

I love taking photos of people from babies to the more mature with the life showing in their appearance and face and everything in the between. Trying to the capture the essence of that person and find the individual beauty in everyone.

If you like the way I capture people, I would love to come and take photos of you or your loved ones. I always use natural light and like to take photos in locations where they are comfortable.

I have added Portfolio of Portraits so you can see my style.

Book a Photo session

Haluatko varata ajan valokuvaan?

Olen ollut itseoppinut valokuvaaja, vaikka itse sanonkin, minulla on hyvä silmä. Kauneutta on joka puolella kun oikein tarkkaan katsoo.

Otan kuvia kaikesta mikä osuu silmään, olipa kyseessä sitten kukan yksityiskohta, kaunis maisema tai  urbaani kaupunkiympäristö.

Tykkään ottaa kuvia ihmisistä vauvoista vaariin. Käytän aina luonnonvaloa ja pidän valokuvaamisesta paikoissa, joissa kuvattava tuntee olonsa mukavaksi, kuvata heidät heille tärkeässä ympäristössä

Yritän vangita kuvattavana olevan henkilön olemuksen ja löytää jokaisessa heidän yksilöllisen kauneuden. Otan ylioppilaskuvia, rippikuvia tai vaikka jos omaksi iloksi haluat kuvan ilman sen kummallisempaa syytä Jos pidät tavasta, jolla kuvaan ihmisiä, tulen mielelläni ottamaan kuvia sinusta tai läheisistäsi

Oheisesta linkistä näet ottamiani Portfolio of Portraits

52 Frames Week 1 – Selfie: Sick and tired

I got it, my hubby got it and my son too. I did this for a challenge but it is appropriate for saying, I will not be all that active in next few days

How to survive November 2021 Day 26

First time I missed a day in this challenge. A dear friend gave us tickets to The Miracle – A Night with Queen “INNUENDO 2021” #queentribute as she was not able to attend the show.

The singer sang well and the band played well , we had an enjoyable evening. So I was too tired to start writing the post after 10, actually I wanted to sit down and have a glass of wine instead. So, a day late..

My green findings and bunch of other colors as well

Our favorite month, November! This year we’ll get rid of gray by painting the month in green. Lepis from Parallel lines has hosted this challenge for years, I have been part of it for several years too, feel free to join us 🙂

Open your world to a green November and enjoy your creativity. How you do it is free as long as it’s green!

Hay time

Watching others work. It is that time of the year when hay is being gathered from the fields, this summer earlier than usual

I was not expecting to have a summer holiday this year, but suddenly I found out that I could have two weeks. So hip hurray, I am on vacation 😊

this and that

Time flies it is already mid July, the grass has burned due to sun and is just brown, yellow, beige…as we have had hardly any sun in past month. We have had a lovely weather, even a little bit too hot weather. I will not complain, I like this better than cold.

I have not taken that many photos this summer for the reason that I have been working with no holidays. Hopefully we will do some short trips during weekends.

Fiskars. Old window.

This weekend was an exception as I took a short road trip with a friend of mine. We drove to few small towns, had lunch and ended the day in a divercity shop as it said outside the building. I will post some more photos of it in a separate post as it was so over the top, the whole store… 🙂

The diversity store

I was also able to capture lovely shots of my grandkids, the youngest is a pro, he is three, but made all the moves of a professional as he posed to me. The six year old was not so keen, I got 10 photos of him versus the 68 one that I got from him younger brother.

To end the weekend went to a restaurant in Helsinki, there was Spike Lee and Jasper Pääkkönen(a finnish actor) straight from Cannes, were enjoying the summers day lunch on this huge patio by the sea with us.

Capture a moment

I was sitting down at the dock when I took these photos of this boy walking towards me. I liked the look that I captured and I tried to enhance the cinematic feel that I got from the image. Looks a bit like an Old italian film when in Monochrome. No? Yes?

the joys of summer

we have had beautiful summer days, and that is something I have tries to capture these photos. The water was so cold as the rapid flows into the lake at Vuolenkoski, Finland.How the kids were able to be in it is beyond me… 🙂 This first set of photos are from there, the other one below are from Ruuhijärvi were the water was a whole lot warmer 🙂 as you can see from the expressions and body language.


We went seeing local sights with our grandsons – all three of them. To my total surprise there were no fights or need to raise my voice once, well not in a angy way anyways. They were on the move all the time running around in such speed. Luckily the oldest boy to the youngest under his wings, he was so caring and guiding all day. The only place they were still was at dinner table 🙂 this post has photos of the boys the scenery are another post all together.

I was trying to capture the mood and the care and their inquisity towards new thing into these shots.

taking a Selfie

I am posting this for no other reason than I like this, I might have posted this before in color. This shot says so much about our culture nowadays. Post yourself in all photos, all in glamorous or nice places. I do not do that many selfies, but I do also like to look my best in them.

I also played with the light and contrast in this, how it sets the mood of the photo. I prefer the darker image myself

A Photo a Week Challenge: That Face!

It has been a while since I participated in a challenge, this one is one a Photo a week challenge theme That Face!