Yesterday we had vile weather, lots of rain and wind. I still went out, braced myself to the weather, for a good cause. I picked few of my art works from the printer and later took my artwork to the person who commissioned them, sound so formal and grand. I felt so good to see the finalized work to see it as an artwork instead an image on the screen. She was happy, I was happy 🙂

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56 – Dreams *

Please have a look at my latest collaboration with Frank from Beach Walk Reflections . His text beautifully highlighted my art that I post at ART BY RITVA.

Special thanks to Ritva for providing images of her art. Ritva is in Finland and I encourage readers to visit her photo blog Ritva Sillanmaki …

56 – Dreams *

My Artwork

I got a request from a woman whose husband had once when they started dating, long time ago, said to her that his ideal woman in the beauty sense was Sophia Loren. Now she wanted to surprise him with an artwork that had Sophia in it.

So I went to work, I did several sketches and used different photos trying to capture a look that worked for me, as I need to be happy with it before I can show it to anyone. Then I asked for the main color that they wanted for the piece. It was orange. I also needed to know what size they would like it to be. Wow, they wanted it to be 100 x 140cm. That’s big I had never had one of my art been printed to that size.

I sent her this as an example of what I thought was nice and suitable for the space. She came over to look at all the options and we decided that this was the one, she saw the others too, liked this one best.

Now I had to finalize the work by going through the picture with big zoom to see that the pixels would not be too obvious, as this was BIG. I got all the the issues that I found fixed, so that it could be printed.

I think this turned out rather nice 🙂 It looked really big when we took the wraps off it, but on the wall not so much so.

it looked so Big 🙂
but on the wall, not so

If you wish to see more of my artwork you can see them at and

making an effort

As all my art studies are on a break due to Covid, well I have been lazy. I have had an idea, intention to do something, but when the push came to shove, nothing happened. Today I made an effort. I am looking for inspiration as it exists if it finds you working. I am rather proud of that fact that I got this far, not so much of the outcome, but they are not so bad, that I would not show them. Feel free to comment 🙂

So today I took my aquarelle colors out, took time to clear the easel from the other works I store one it. Then I started to play with colors, with the warm palette.

My last three aquarelle paintings

Sculpture weekend

I have been studying sculpture for about five years, I had few years break now I am back again at it. The process it self is meditative, you just concentrate on the clay and what you can do with it, sometimes with frustrations, as it does not in anyway resemblance what you are trying to achieve. At times, you get into a flow and time just passes without noticing. Until, well, your shoulders burn after three hours of concentration in a same position. your mind free of any outside, mundane or worrisome thoughts. Here is a piece in process and one, finally ready and some figures waiting to be burned.

work in progress