Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #238 – Alone time.

Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #238 – Alone Time. Ann-Christine host this week, see her blog for more Leya her take on topic : Alone time means time spent by an individual or a couple apart from others. It is often used to ground oneself, or to do something creative.

Alone time, yes, absolutely needed and often taken. I like sit on my sauna patio at my summer house , we built these windows on the sides of the patio to shild us from the north wind. It is a lovely place to sit watch the clouds, trees and enjoy the sunshine and listen to the birds and wind blowing in the trees.

It is a joy, I find myself enjoying alone frequently. Silence, my own thoughts and the warmth of sun.

Time spent ,alone, in art galleries, painting in the nature ( that’s not me, but someone else doing the same thing- alone) Listening to music, or as this young man does, doing music. Sitting in a cafe watching people go by, this one is so much fun. Going through your news in the park… biking, swimming . I enjoy these, and apparently others have been seen to do so too. These are great places to enjoy alone time, would you agree?

Alone time can be a state of mind, you can be in company and still be able to be alone.

It happens that I spend lots of time on my own. I take photos alone, mostly. Edit them alone. I find doing sculpture to be a great time to relax in company, but totally alone in my own bubble. Below you can see some of my creations I’ve done on my alone time in various art forms. I also love to sing, but I am not posting a sample of it, I’m not a bad singer, not a great one. It is like all other art forms it needs to be done often to keep it in any shape. My motto is is something Picasso has said: Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. I find this to be SO true.

Driving the car in any weather, watching the scenery and clouds, listening to music. Stopping for coffee. Sitting in the hammock … Slow mornings, with my cat as company.

As I’ve stated before I am not a very technical photographer, more into composition, mood. I do my magic on the edit table mostly, if you can call it magic, more like my interpretation of places and people. I am also not one to write all that much, let the photos speack for themselves.

I have two cameras an old reliable SONY SLT-A65V, and I have two lences I use with it one for Macro Sony Macro 2.8/50 and portraits. The other for nearly everything a Sony 18-200mm.

The Sony has been in less use since I bought a new lighter one to carry around, its a Olympus E-M10 Mark II with a 14-150mm lense and I have a OM-D M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm 1:1.8 for street and portrait photography

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52 Frames: Week 20: Abstract !

It’s time to put on your creative in hats 👩‍🎨 and take some Abstract images. Photography that makes use of patterns, textures, blur and often enough indistinct shapes – all to convey emotions or to share a narrative.

I did have fun with this one, you will unwillingly be subjected to several posts from my attempt to capture abstract, I shot around 170 frames and trying to find something different or more odd was difficult as I was drawn to certain look and tried to avoid the obvious

Think about focusing on colors and shapes, rather than concentrating on getting technical details like focus and depth of field. There’s absolutely NO right and wrong – it’s all subjective and open to what you – the photographer – wants their viewer to feel.Abstract photography is all about form, color and texture coupled with uncommon viewing angles. Get low, look at the undersides of things, go in close to grab some texture, use bubbles and liquid drops to make random patterns of light and color. Experiment and feel free to mix genres and techniques to create some absolutely amazing shots.

Look at playing around with blur, movement or something that looks different from what you’re trying to portray – yeah, that’s a tough nut to crack but if your viewer can turn to you and ask – “Wow! Great shot… what is it?” – yep, you’ve hit the brief.

How to survive November ~2

Music to beat November, Manhattan transfer in consert

January 28

Imagine a historic Italian estate in a spectacular subtropical setting and you’ll begin to imagine Vizcaya! Built as the private winter home of American businessman James Deering in the early 1900s. Sneak peek of this gorgeous place.

Villa San Michele- garden

I visited Villa San Michele in Capri,

These are my photos from this lovely garden and the spectacular views from it

More info about this place http://www.villasanmichele.eu/en/villa_san_michele

Black & White Wednesday ~ memories

To celebrate the hosts Adrienne’s  Anniversary.  Here are memories from at least 30 years ago. Old stuff I’ve seen in various locations when in search for something to photograph.

Black & White Wednesday 

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Create

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A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Create

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Black and White Wednesday ~ old house

run-down houses-10

run-down houses-13

run-down houses-14
This house is very old.
Yet, it stands so gracefully.
If the walls could only talk.
I bet they’d have a lot to say.

It holds a lot of memories,
buried deep inside.
It seems to stand with attitude,
as if it carries pride.

It stands upon the foundation,
seeming to claim the land.
Refusing to wither from age
with a little help from my man.

Not one room, is a favorite,
each displays a special touch.
It might be old but, we don’t mind.
We love it very much.
by Sherri Ramirez

My Memory Art

Black and White Wednesday ~ Lighthouse


Oregon-LighthouseMy Memory Art

Black and White Wednesday ~ Keys




My Memory Art

Black and White Wednesday ~ Old Fiskars knife

Old Fiskars knife-8

I found this old fiskars knfe at our summer house, the place has so much old stuff to be discover an photograph.

My Memory Art

Black and White Wednesday ~ Ramshackled building

These run-down houses look so good in photos, this building is located at Kalamaja area in Tallinn in Estonia.
RS 2014-0611 - Kalamaja-2

RS 2014-0611 - Kalamaja-4

RS 2014-0611 - Kalamaja-5

My Memory Art

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