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January 28

Imagine a historic Italian estate in a spectacular subtropical setting and you’ll begin to imagine Vizcaya! Built as the private winter home of American businessman James Deering in the early 1900s. Sneak peek of this gorgeous place.

Villa San Michele- garden

I visited Villa San Michele in Capri,

These are my photos from this lovely garden and the spectacular views from it

More info about this place http://www.villasanmichele.eu/en/villa_san_michele

Black & White Wednesday ~ memories

To celebrate the hosts Adrienne’s  Anniversary.  Here are memories from at least 30 years ago. Old stuff I’ve seen in various locations when in search for something to photograph.

Black & White Wednesday 

Black and White Wednesday ~ old house

run-down houses-10

run-down houses-13

run-down houses-14
This house is very old.
Yet, it stands so gracefully.
If the walls could only talk.
I bet they’d have a lot to say.

It holds a lot of memories,
buried deep inside.
It seems to stand with attitude,
as if it carries pride.

It stands upon the foundation,
seeming to claim the land.
Refusing to wither from age
with a little help from my man.

Not one room, is a favorite,
each displays a special touch.
It might be old but, we don’t mind.
We love it very much.
by Sherri Ramirez

My Memory Art

MakroTex – Sight (näkö)

Makrotex asked to photograph sight (näkö) a touch one. I see the world through these eyes, my eyesight is getting worse all the time, so my art and paintings are becoming more impressionist as time goes by or abstract. My photos I try to keep sharp and focused.


more at:

Makrohaaste 147