Split-Second Story – Killing time

Challenge is to

Split-Second Story

time – killing time .Click the photo to enlarge it.

Mine are about killing time… I saw lots of people sitting in front of their houses at Santa Maria , Sal Island in Cape Verde, watching people pass by  – killing time.

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i heart macro

i heart macro

we are going towards spring in a fast pace…light is with us until 6pm. Loving it…even if we still have tons of snow

WP_000028 I hear macro WP_000026pyörä


studio waterstone

My Morning

The challenge was to photograph your morning. It was hard to come up with shot that would give an inkling of what my morning is like…here are shots I took, the top one is the one I admitted to the challenge…coffee, daily paper – breakfast.

My morning

The hardest part is to leave the warmth of the bed… slowly adjusting, pull a socks on, look out the window  to see the weather  –  breakfast – enjoy the company of my pets, and finally its time to paint my face on…

What a good day

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Spinning in the universe

Spinning … I feel we are all spinning,  going around in time & thoughts…where are we going? Continue reading “Spinning in the universe”