How to survive November 2020-28

I have to admit, I have not written so much about me and my life before. I have just posted photos as i have assumed that no one is really interested in what I do, or mostly don’t do. I have thought my photos will speak for themselves. Now I am wondering what to do when November is over, should I return to me old ways or keep on writing this nonsense in the future too.

Yesterday I put on make-up after a long time, no one notices if I do or I don’t at home. I had an on-line interview yesterday, so I had made myself presentable. So I am going to be boring and post a photo of me with lots of editing in color and bnw and the original also to keep it real :-), as I have no other idea for today. so it’s a #selfie #over50 #makeup post.


Last night the moonlight beautifully shone into our bedroom.

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My Morning

The challenge was to photograph your morning. It was hard to come up with shot that would give an inkling of what my morning is like…here are shots I took, the top one is the one I admitted to the challenge…coffee, daily paper – breakfast.

My morning

The hardest part is to leave the warmth of the bed… slowly adjusting, pull a socks on, look out the window  to see the weather  –  breakfast – enjoy the company of my pets, and finally its time to paint my face on…

What a good day

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