My lovely white cats

At this moment time, with the world in lock down, I have spent lost’s of time going through my archives. On the top is our Sisko cat that was run over by a car about five years ago. Veikka his brother is still with us, here is also a photo of him looking out the window , wishing that he could go out.

How to survive November ~10

Pets, big or small to give you affection. Odin came on my lap to have a nap at my friends party. I got to enjoy some views from the 16th floor and nice beverages during the evening… no complaining on this November night


WPC – Friend

PINK noses

As I was searching for pink, I remembered that Veikka and Sisko have beautiful pink noses…

Sunday Stills, the next Challenge: Going to the Dogs

Sunday Stills, the next Challenge: Going to the Dogs

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Pets

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I have two cats – Sisko and Veikka ( Sis and Bro) Here are few of my favorite shots of them. They were and are,  so soft and cuddly. Obviously they care for each other

Sunday Stills the next Challenge: Pets and its Our 5th Anniversary

Wonders Challenge -Photo a day 16.1

I’m going to participate in Wonders challenge ( and try to take a photo once a day – topics are listed below.

Come and join the fun.

 16.  inspiration

Animals, and people inspire me


 Nature most absolutely inspires
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My Morning

The challenge was to photograph your morning. It was hard to come up with shot that would give an inkling of what my morning is like…here are shots I took, the top one is the one I admitted to the challenge…coffee, daily paper – breakfast.

My morning

The hardest part is to leave the warmth of the bed… slowly adjusting, pull a socks on, look out the window  to see the weather  –  breakfast – enjoy the company of my pets, and finally its time to paint my face on…

What a good day

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