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April 4

This morning while driving to work I witnessed a beautiful sunrise in the mist. I so wished that I was taking photos some where other than a moving car through dirty car windows. but what can you do, one needs to work. So my apologies for the quality of the photos, but considering the way I took them I am rather pleased .

Sunrise in Apriltree in the mistSunrise in APril_2





Which way – to work

For the longest time( read winter) this was the first time I drove to work when the sun was rising. We are moving towards light, Yes!

The quality is no the best as the car window was so dirty and I took these with my mobile, but the joy is here for sureon the road-0010 on the road-0011 on the road-0012


This is linked to :http://ceenphotography.com/


I’m participating in the onlineadventure travel and photography magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers

This week’s Challenge is: Sunrise, so get up early this week and take some shots of the sky!

Pictures were taken in Koh Yai Noi in Thailand

Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise SONY DSC Sunrise SONY DSC Sunrise

My Morning

The challenge was to photograph your morning. It was hard to come up with shot that would give an inkling of what my morning is like…here are shots I took, the top one is the one I admitted to the challenge…coffee, daily paper – breakfast.

My morning

The hardest part is to leave the warmth of the bed… slowly adjusting, pull a socks on, look out the window  to see the weather  –  breakfast – enjoy the company of my pets, and finally its time to paint my face on…

What a good day

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