The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical life becomes. ~Adyashanti

Everything flows and nothing abides, everything gives way and nothing stays fixed. ~Heraclitus

All things change, nothing is extinguished. There is nothing in the whole world which is permanent. Everything flows onward; all things are brought into being with a changing nature; the ages themselves glide by in constant movement.

Spring day in Monochrome

The sky was blue, the shadows long and the wind was so cold. I thought nature shots could look great in monochrome as the light and shadows give the photos nice contrast. Also the trees are leafless so they are more structured and might look better in a way. I my previous post from this same location the photos are in color. The feeling is so different in these.

Ripples on the water
Rowing boat

Spring day

Few days back we had a lovely spring day, except for the cold wind that was so cold that it went straight to the bones at this lake Humaljärvi as I was taking photos there. The sky was blue, the shadows long and the wind was so cold. I did look nice and you could sense that spring was o its way.

Lake Humaljärvi, Kirkkonummi, Finland
the water flows you can see ripples on the water from the nippy wind

Keeping it simple

Frosty flowers shimmering beautifully in the February morning light


Cold day finds

frozen flower

Frosty flowers shimmering beautifully in the February morning light



Taking a close look

frozen flower

Frosty flowers shimmering beautifully in the February morning light



Frosty rose hips


Touch of red on the few remaining rose hips that the birds have left for our enjoyment in the autumn.



Frosty morning

Morning Sun behind the frosty trees

We have had several cold days this week, but the weather should be warming up a bit. This cold certainly brings us nice and sunshiny days and the clear starry nights. The amount of clothing you have to wear to keep warm. Layered clothing is the thing or just stay inside, which is the option i use the most.

We have been seeing news about Texas and other areas that are not used to winter conditions and the problems they are having…so sad.

CB&W Hot or Cold

Black and white – Cold or Hot I am going with COLD. These are from Siuntio in southern Finland on a a cold winter day.

Looking out into the winter day from a drafty old barn

May – Splash in a wine glass

Playing with my camera and trying to learn something new. I tried with  several different settings to capture a splash in a glass,  like they have in ads. Over hundres frames and even to get this result,  was an effort. Many ice cubes was used and cold fingers for the assistant cameraman.

Splash in a glass
Splash in a glass

Just before snow

Taken today just before it began to snow.


Winters art

The nature has some beautiful details for us, if we keep out ice open. I really like how the light comes through the icicles.

Ice  (3)-2

Ice  (6)

Ice  (5)-2

Foggy Friday

I was driving in the countryside and once again stopped at this lake in Vols as I’ve done many times before, it looked different as the fog was there to do its magic. This Foggy Friday looks good in pictures.
Vols Fabruary (2)Vols Fabruary (5)Vols Fabruary (6)Vols Fabruary (14)Vols Fabruary (20)Vols Fabruary (28)Vols Fabruary (35)

Searching for sunlight

Yesterday we saw also other colors than blue, grey and white in various tones. A small orange light around midday was to give hope of  better. These still mostly are the blue grey tones, also very beautiful, absolutely, but at this point in the winter a sunny day would be just awesome. Al photos can be enlarged by a click.

Frozen leaf

I was totally surprised this weekend, I woke up in the morning and the temperature was -8C, way too cold for my liking, but I did find some great photo opportunities; like these frozen leaves.

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Cold night

We had a cold night, and the water in our water barrel froze  and created beautiful  art. These photos have not been edited, this is what the camera caught…