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May – Splash in a wine glass

Playing with my camera and trying to learn something new. I tried with  several different settings to capture a splash in a glass,  like they have in ads. Over hundres frames and even to get this result,  was an effort. Many ice cubes was used and cold fingers for the assistant cameraman.

Splash in a glass
Splash in a glass

Foggy Friday

I was driving in the countryside and once again stopped at this lake in Vols as I’ve done many times before, it looked different as the fog was there to do its magic. This Foggy Friday looks good in pictures.
Vols Fabruary (2)Vols Fabruary (5)Vols Fabruary (6)Vols Fabruary (14)Vols Fabruary (20)Vols Fabruary (28)Vols Fabruary (35)

Searching for sunlight

Yesterday we saw also other colors than blue, grey and white in various tones. A small orange light around midday was to give hope of  better. These still mostly are the blue grey tones, also very beautiful, absolutely, but at this point in the winter a sunny day would be just awesome. Al photos can be enlarged by a click.

Värikollaasi #169 – Color Photo-collage

2-2014-03-01 1-2014-03-04

The idea in this challenge is to use 3-4 colors from the sample, I’ve added the sample colors into the photo-collage. I aim to use the original colors in the photos, that way it is more challenging to find the colors. This is what I came up with this week.

More behing the link: Värikollaasi 169