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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walk 100 Steps or less and take new photos

I walked less the hundred steps, but I did sit in a car for awhile….I know I’m stretching this a bit, but these are the newest photos I have.  River flows into the lake on a cold Sunday day (-9 C )

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Wednesday around the World – hair

It was a cold day here in Finland, but I had to step outside in spite of it. ( Kirkkonummi today, kind a cold. No wish to go out, but … I have to.
Clear skies: -14C Temperature+ windfactor: -23C Sunrise at: 08:58 Sun down: 16:09)

As you know ladies these are the big decisions, I had my hair done today. Last time I went back to being more blond , well now I took the opposite direction.

Pieni Lintu

Ice swimming_Valokuvatorstai


273. haaste

This is not something I would do but Ice swimming is supposedly good  for your health.

I took some pictures of the flowing water that keeps the ice hole open and the edges of the hole look lovely – artistic.

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Windy November day by the sea

The day had few moments of sun, mainly grey day with lots of cold wind. I find the sea beautiful always…even in November

Skywatch Friday

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