Keeping it simple

Frosty flowers shimmering beautifully in the February morning light


Cold day finds

frozen flower

Frosty flowers shimmering beautifully in the February morning light



Taking a close look

frozen flower

Frosty flowers shimmering beautifully in the February morning light



Frosty rose hips


Touch of red on the few remaining rose hips that the birds have left for our enjoyment in the autumn.



Frosty morning

Morning Sun behind the frosty trees

We have had several cold days this week, but the weather should be warming up a bit. This cold certainly brings us nice and sunshiny days and the clear starry nights. The amount of clothing you have to wear to keep warm. Layered clothing is the thing or just stay inside, which is the option i use the most.

We have been seeing news about Texas and other areas that are not used to winter conditions and the problems they are having…so sad.

CB&W Hot or Cold

Black and white – Cold or Hot I am going with COLD. These are from Siuntio in southern Finland on a a cold winter day.

Looking out into the winter day from a drafty old barn

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walk 100 Steps or less and take new photos

I walked less the hundred steps, but I did sit in a car for awhile….I know I’m stretching this a bit, but these are the newest photos I have.  River flows into the lake on a cold Sunday day (-9 C )

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Wednesday around the World – hair

It was a cold day here in Finland, but I had to step outside in spite of it. ( Kirkkonummi today, kind a cold. No wish to go out, but … I have to.
Clear skies: -14C Temperature+ windfactor: -23C Sunrise at: 08:58 Sun down: 16:09)

As you know ladies these are the big decisions, I had my hair done today. Last time I went back to being more blond , well now I took the opposite direction.

Pieni Lintu

Ice swimming_Valokuvatorstai


273. haaste

This is not something I would do but Ice swimming is supposedly good  for your health.

I took some pictures of the flowing water that keeps the ice hole open and the edges of the hole look lovely – artistic.

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Skywatch Friday: Season 6, Episode 20

Skywatch Friday: Season 6, Episode 20



Windy November day by the sea

The day had few moments of sun, mainly grey day with lots of cold wind. I find the sea beautiful always…even in November

Skywatch Friday

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