Market place

I looked our travel photos from our trip to Goa, India, this caught my eye this was taken at a local market. I noticed that this photo has rather nice light and contrast going on. I started to edit it because of it, for some reason this has not been a photo that I’ve paid a lot attention to. None to be exact. Well, now I did – I also converted it to black and white. A sepia one to capture an old time feel to it.

Any thoughts on how I spent a hour and some of my time with? Worth the effort?


I have looked at Helsinki with a tourist eye as I have seen my friends in the city. Catching up with friends is so much fun, I should take take time more often than I do. Best thing about good friends is that they remain that even if you don’t see that often. Helsinki has not lost its appeal to me even if I visit it less frequently.

Local food market

Goa India, Chapora River (534)-2
These are taken in Goa at a local food market,everything is fresh, but something can be said abour hygiene. I for one prefer the ones we have back home. I do have to say this place is so much more interesting than our local super market if taking photos.

close ups of goods

The Market place was full of color,spices, fruits, vegetables…I took close ups of some of the things there.

Locals at Maposa Market

The Maposa Market was an experience,it is a market were the locals shop. Here are some photos of the people, it was packed with people, motorbikes, shoppers ans sellers.
Maposa , Goa (59)-50Maposa , Goa (53)-44Maposa , Goa (57)-48Maposa , Goa (92)-86Maposa , Goa (11)-2Maposa , Goa (13)-4Maposa , Goa (10)-1Maposa , Goa (19)-5Maposa , Goa (25)-12

Fruits and Vegetables

vegetables vegetables vegetables vegetables vegetables fruits Fruits fruits pineapple fruits