How to survive November 2021 Day 24

Busy day. We had a nice pink sky when I came home from work at just before 4pm. It is now 4.10 and dark, November 😦 The snow has turned to ice and all the smaller walking paths and roads are so slippery.

Cucumber, tomatoes, ham, time to make a sandwich

Our favorite month, November! This year we’ll get rid of gray by painting the month in green. Lepis from Parallel lines has hosted this challenge for years, I have been part of it for several years too, feel free to join us 🙂

Pink sky

Open your world to a green November and enjoy your creativity. How you do it is free as long as it’s green!

Kollaasi 220 (8/2020)

At this week shades of colours are found from beryl.  I went through my archives again with these results.

Color therapy

Vitamins and color therapy in one post. It is a grey rainy day  and I was looking for color to cheer me up. Here are some old and new photos of fruits and vegetables to brighten and hopefully boost your energy level today as well as mine.

close ups of goods

The Market place was full of color,spices, fruits, vegetables…I took close ups of some of the things there.

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market – Thailand