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First frost

Frosty flowers

the walk

As we arrived we had to walk through old woods, and rocky paths. As the wind mostly blows from the sea nearly all the trees lean towards inland. The first part of the walk is rather dark and this area has lots of fallen down spruce trees. They are left in the woods to decay as nature intended so the nature will continue to be as diverse as possible.

On our way to Porkkalanniemi we saw a flock of swans on a field, a local man saw me taking photos and stopped to tell me that they had been there for a week. On our way there we saw three deer’s on the field, but as we drove home there was at least ten of them.

Cozy friends

Fairy tale Autumn



I took photos of this mushroom on a tree stump on a cloudy day and  on a sunny day. The difference is huge. The light the direction of light has such a huge impact on the result. In the first photo , taken last I added the lingonberry  as an effect.


Sunny day at 11am


Sunny morning


Sunny day at 11 am


Cloudy day at noon


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