We are of to celebrate May 1st to our summer house. It is supposed to be sunny, but cold, well colder than usual at this time of the year. At least it won’t be raining. Wishing all a great weekend and the the beginning of May…

I love moss, it is so pretty, green and soft.

Moss in morning light

Brown tones


Brown the color that has grown on me over the years, from boring to cosy and warm. Homey( is this a word? )

Autumn leftover
Brown leaves against the sun

Fresh from the cottage

I am self-isolating at my summer house and once again documenting the spring miracles that brighten our minds and spirits every year. The light is so strong up-lifter of the mood. We have lots of light now and I am so happy about it, as I am about the new green, beginnings of summer.

Bokeh delight

This flower gives me joy every summer, I love how the light filters through the leaves of the bush in the afternoon sun. I love the colorful bokeh the leaves create.

Colorful bokeh

Apple tree in bloom

The apple tree flowers together with cherry tree flowers together make a lovely pair.

Apple tree in bloom

December 2018~1

Yep! December…Maybe I should return to my regular way of posting, no words! I usually do not have much to say and I like to be under the illusion that the photos speak for themselves. Here is a frozen cone from my backyard. The setting sun gave the background a beautiful bokeh. I have edited the images trying to find the best look for the the frame. Which one works the best in your opinion, if any?

How to Survive November ~26

Beautiful Frosty morning, it inspired me, out I went and took macro shots of frost covered flowers  and weeds.

frost (5 of 6).jpg

May -Macro#22

Not really macro’s but close-ups anyway. The European bird cherry is in bloom too, what a surprise 🙂

May – Macro#6

The miracle of sunshine. The new life grows from smallest of cracks.  This birch tree is trying to grow from our yard fence.Minimalist (5 of 22)Minimalist (7 of 22)

Mushrooms on a tree stump

micro world-18

I was walking around the forest to find small and interesting plants to photograph… these mushroom were that.

micro world-23micro world-21micro world-35