Tiny flowers

I found these tiny, tiny flowers as I looked closely to the ground during my stay at the summer house. Always a joy to capture the nature’s tiny wonders

Adjusting to a new period of time

Adjusting to a new rhythm, waking up earlier and leaving the house to go to work. I am not keen morning person, but summer and the light makes it so much easier. Winter, well then is is So , So hard, but no need to worry about that now.

I try to keep some kind of post flow, but we will see how I succeed. Tomorrow is Friday, hurray for that.

As in previous posts I have been capturing the bloom of nature. The same theme continues here. Hope you enjoy them. I spotted also a blue heart formation, but not as pretty as the one I posted previously im my opinion.

Summer flowers

This time of the year one is for sure not without things to photograph, I’ve taken these from our summer house, where the nature is near and present at all times. I know I post similar photos every year, but I am also delighted by them yearly.

Fresh from the cottage

I am self-isolating at my summer house and once again documenting the spring miracles that brighten our minds and spirits every year. The light is so strong up-lifter of the mood. We have lots of light now and I am so happy about it, as I am about the new green, beginnings of summer.

June -The water avens

This is  one of the Wild flowers I spotted last weekend, The water avens / Ojakellukka

wild flowers (27 of 33)

May – Macro #13

it was a beautiful Mother’s Day. Sunny, warm and everything / well maybe not everything, but the lots of plants bloomed. These where the first wood sorrels I spotted this year.

Signs of spring -2 (39 of 104)