crabapple tree in bloom

Crabapple tree blossoms

Known for their fragrant springtime blooms and jewel-like fruit, crabapple trees make beautiful additions to the landscape. These are from an old one that every years continues to give joy! There are tons of varieties to choose from, but here is one of the best ones for long-lasting, colorful flowers, fruit, and fall foliage when planted in a sunny spot.

Blossoms of apple tree

In the shade of the old apple tree
When the love in your eyes I could see
When the voice that I heard, like the song of the bird
Seemed to whisper sweet music to me, I could hear the dull buzz of the bee
In the blossoms as you said to me
With a heart that is true, I’ll be waiting for you
In the shade of the old apple tree…

Adjusting to a new period of time

Adjusting to a new rhythm, waking up earlier and leaving the house to go to work. I am not keen morning person, but summer and the light makes it so much easier. Winter, well then is is So , So hard, but no need to worry about that now.

I try to keep some kind of post flow, but we will see how I succeed. Tomorrow is Friday, hurray for that.

As in previous posts I have been capturing the bloom of nature. The same theme continues here. Hope you enjoy them. I spotted also a blue heart formation, but not as pretty as the one I posted previously im my opinion.

June – colorful doorways

Villafranche sur mer tunnel (1 of 6)Villafranche sur mer tunnel (3 of 6)Villafranche sur mer tunnel (4 of 6)Villafranche sur mer tunnel (2 of 6)Villafranche sur mer tunnel (5 of 6)

June -The water avens

This is  one of the Wild flowers I spotted last weekend, The water avens / Ojakellukka

wild flowers (27 of 33)