Towards the light

Finnish summer night, walking towards the light

misty summer eve-27

May sunset

Our spring is totally messed up, Saturday it was sunny +19, today evening it was snowing and +2C. These are from Saturday  just prior sunset. I like how the light colors the trees.

under the clouds

DSC06338 DSC06339
Walking on the road when looking to the rigth I saw blue skies on the other side grey… so much to see under the clouds
DSC06341 DSC06342

Country road

Walking on a country side road offer you small wonders of discovery. As I walked doen this path I found lots of wild flowers and small wonders of nature.

In the mist of the night

Last nigt the mist came around 11 pm, the mist slowly increasing as the sun began to set.

Country road


I find these kind of roads and building very appealing.

Raasepori-12 Raasepori-14 Raasepori-62

Korkee, contryside rocks in the fields



Sri Lankan country side in the morning