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We made it here, days have been so busy and long that the idea of doing a post did not even cross my mind. Here are some shots . I will be posting better quality photos when I m back home. here are few shots from Sydney

December 24,25 and 26

Christmas came and went with out the white snowy Christmas I wished for, but it was a nice traditional celebration with family. Lots of food and chocolates. There are few days left of this year and few more blue and white photos to be posted…2017-2 Seaside-9

2017-2 Seaside-232017-2 Seaside-14


The light will win, in time

Last week I lost my sister to a very brief battle of cancer. My mood has been sad and forlorn. I have not been able consentrate in photos… Yesterday I sat by the sea at Porkkalanniemi and the there was rain approaching us and clear sunshine at the other side…In time this is how I will feel the dark rain filled clouds will clear to a more sunny time.Porkkalanniemi-Finland-04590

Wednesday around the world – Vääksy

I visited as small town of Vääksy. The main attraction there is Vääksy channel  or also known as Vesijärvenkatu channel, it is located in Asikkala. The channel that connects the Vesijärvi lake to Päijänne lake. The  Vääksy channel is currently Finland’s busiest boating channel.The channel has only one seal. The water surface height difference of about three meters.  The channel is surrounded by the town of Vääksy.

The main photo is the bird pic, as I hardly ever am able get photos of them or presentable pics at l east.
vääksy- Ritva Sillanmäki (14 of 75)vääksy- Ritva Sillanmäki (20 of 75)

Pieni Lintu