Glorious sky

It is against lots of quide lines as how to compose a photo, but this all about the glorous sky. I captured these shots from a moving car.


Savannah, the first of these posts, I have way too many pictures of the city to try to get them all in one post. Just not possible. Let’s get started with the arrival.

I have to add that for years I have wanted to go to South Carolina and Georgia, after reading books by Pat Conroy and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. And finally we arehere! It only an hour drive from Hilton Head but it was already dark when we got to Savannah. Driving along highway 17 and across the Little Black River Bridge was an experience itself.

Once again we drove towards beautiful sunset, just have to show these beautiful colorful sky’s.

Finding the hotel parking was really hard because of some road work. The hotel had sent us an advance warning and instructions, but they were of no help. Finally, I was able to navigate to the River Street below the hotel and walked to the reception. Luckily the parking was right next to the hotel and we didn’t need the car for two days.

We were really pleasantly surprised by hotel, Olde Habour Inn. It was originally built for Tidewater Oil Company 1892. Set between River Street and Factors Walk, this storied hotel is housed on the shores of the Savannah River in a former (and allegedly haunted) warehouse. Our 1-bedroom suite had a nice sized living room, hardwood floors, old logs and iron works were partly visible. Turn-down service included ice cream. Included in the room price was nightly cocktail hour from 5.30 pm to 7 pm with wine and tasty snacks. Breakfast included coffee, orange juice and muffins in the lobby. I have to add that front dest clerk Martin and the bell man/waiter Kevin were really friendly and helpful with everything. We also inquired about possible extra night, but the hotel was fully booked for the upcoming MKL-day long weekend. Only one 2-bedroom suite was available for the price of
$400. If you are visiting the city and need to book a room, I can recommend this one.

I am ending this post with two more sunset pictures taken also from a moving car.

Charleston – Shem Rock Boardwalk

The lovely Shem Rock in town of Mt. Pleasant. Had a late lunch at Tavern & Table by the creek and prepared ourselves for the sunset. We walked along the Shem Creek Boardwalk, the boardwalk is a total of 2,200 feet long, it offers panoramic views of the marsh and Charleston Harbor to catch the glorious sunset.

The sunset was lovely changing colors depending were you looked, from warm tones to cooler ones the later it got from the sunset.

Charleston – Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge,

Later in the afternoon we drove over another spectacular bridge, Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, to Shem Rock in town of Mt. Pleasant. Had a late lunch at Tavern & Table by the creek and prepared ourselves for the sunset. We walked along the Shem Creek Boardwalk to catch the glorious sunset. I will post these photos in the nexrt post as this is already an overload of images.

The Arthur Ravenel Jnr Bridge was opened in 2005. The bridge, which stretches gracefully across the Cooper River. The bridge is the tallest structure in South Carolina and the longest stayed bridge in the area. It, connects the Mount Pleasant Towns to Charleston and was designed to withstand natural disasters like earthquakes, and hurricane winds, as well as incorporating two diamond-like concrete towers. With the sunset as a background the bridge looked great as did the sunset.

Beautiful in Black and White 12

Amalfi Cathedral is a 9th-century Roman Catholic structure in the Piazza del Duomo, Amalfi, Italy. It is dedicated to the Apostle Saint Andrew. Predominantly of Arab-Norman Romanesque architectural style, it has been remodeled several times, adding Romanesque, Byzantine, Gothic, and Baroque elements.

Amalfi Cathedrals Pilars in the garden

The Exterior, the Romanesque style bell tower is off-center. The structure includes four small towers of Arab architectural type that are adorned with arches and are covered with majolica tiles. During times of war, the bell tower was purposed for defense.
The garden contains colonnades, arches and sculptures. My photos this week are of the garden area.

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Amalfi Cathedral garden

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Beautiful in Black and White 11

I have a soft spot for black and white photography, I was once again reminded about the importance of exposure, light. It is the key element in these photos.

Sunset in B&W is it’s own thing to capture once again it comes to the light, lowlight in this case. How it enhances the shapes and creates shadows.

Sunset in Naples Pier. Unfortunately it was destroyed in Hurricane Ian, but I have a memory.

Naples Pier, Florida
Sunset in Miami

The way that light hits objects, I think, is one of the more important things that sculpture and photography share. – Rashid Johnson

Key West sunset

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Traveling Crete #8

This post is all about the first sunset we saw in Chania at the Venetian harbour, it was so lovely that we later in the week came back for an other one. Well we came for dinner too and shopping, walking in the small alleys in old town. The first set I took with my mobile and the other with my camera where I was able to adjust the settings and zoom better and was able to get more moody shots.

Crete sunset a Venetian harbour.



I am currently on my vacation here are few shots from my trip, but I will come back to this topic when I get back home. Oh by the way I am in Crete 😊


Summer house season has started

Life once again has changed, I have once again time to pursue my hobbies. My fixed term ended after a yea, so I find myself unemployed, and at my age getting new position is not a given. Well now I hopefully will be able to comment and participate more in the wonderful world of blogging 🙂 as I have been rather absent on that regard lately. I do look though and read post but have been rather silent. It might change.

We started our summer house / cottage season later than ever, middle of May. Usually we are there already in April, but this spring has been so cold and we had so much snow that there was no point going there. But last weekend we did go and you could see the green take over the bleakness in your eyes. I am loving it. The light is wonderful. I took these setting sun shot at 23.30 at night. The moon on the other side of the house and the setting sun on the side.

Saturday was nice, warm and sunny, but the clouds and cold wind greeted us on Sunday, but it was time to head home anyways.

Almost midnight sunset


“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don`t miss so many of them.” – Jo Walton


First I want to thank you all the followers for their support on my November survival.

Kiitos seurasta marraskuun selättäjät!

At the end of the month I got an eye infection, so I got well behind in my replies to your encouragement and comments. I hopefully was able to reply to them today. I have not been a very frequent visitor to my fellow blogger due to the thing. The light from the monitor irritates my eye. I am on the mend and in weeks time it should be nearly as good as new, or at least as it was prior the infection.

During this darkness I am dreaming being on a beach at sunset. Here is one beautiful memory.


The light is lovely, air soft and warm with humidity high, that’s what midsummer has been this year. We usually don’t get long hot spells, this time yes. Last night I went out after midnight and captured mist over the fields with the setting sun giving a beautiful pastel glow to the sky.

Pastel sky
Mist over the fields
Lovely atmosphere

Blue hour

I have done my best to stay away from the computer and social media, I have not posted in days or answered any comments. I will be doing that today. I spent nearly a week at our summer place enjoying a mini summer, we don’t usually have summer temperatures at this time of the year. So I took the advantage of it with all I have. Spent time in the hammock, spent all of the day outside Saw the miracle of spring summer bloom in one day. Amazing green is surrounding us at this moment.

Country road in the mist

As my last post was shared and it featured night shots, I am going to continue that theme. Saturday night we had a rain shower that lasted for about a hour and after that it cleared. At 11pm I went out side with my camera for a short walk, the air was so fresh and the mist on the fields lovely -I started with t the blue hour and watched as the sun was about to set. Here are some shot from my walk…

Good night

First evening at our summer house, here I am sitting by the fire, now I can see the last moments of the sunset. This photo I took hour ago.


Not for any other reason than, I like this shot. Cows in the field with sunset behind them.

Travel memories 23

No travel in sight, so I am going to post photos of lovely places I have visited. I will keep it simple, lots of posts, less words is the theme in these posts.

Life is a beach, if one gets to go there. I did, just now in my memories of a sunset in Negombo, Sri Lanka

Beauty by the sea
Sunset at Negombo


I love the sea, beaches, forests, mountains, countryside and lovely cities and the people in them. Colors; blue, green, red, white, yellows and what ever you can find around you. I love beauty and these photos remind me of beauty I have seen.

Welcome to my travels, some of them you might seen before…well, that’s life! Let’s go with the flow…

Amalfi sunset

I had seen this post( below), but for some reason I totally forgot to respond.

Today’s invitation goes all the way to Finland, where Ritva is trying to survive the dark of a Scandinavian winter. Take us away to somewhere sunny, Ritva, and if you do, link or pingback to my post/blog. Or just enjoy my photo when it gets dark, Janet thanks, I did enjoy yours 🙂

Amalfi at sunset

How to survive November 2020-19

Still life

I have to say 19th, went by watching the rain and wind blowing outside. It was our first winter storm, I think. Totally blank about what to post. So, here something not so inspiring, like the day was.

If you wish to participate in this survival of the darkest month challenge, use this link to add your post to it. PARALLEL LINES

Stil life
Sunset at Key West

Traveling being banned at the moment, here is a photo of a pelican flying at sunset

Heure bleue

the last stripe of light in the horizon a Lake Humaljärvi in Kirkkonummi. I love the blue tone – heure bleue as they say in French.

End of summer season

It is that time of the year again that we closed the summer house for season 2020.

We packed all the linens away and emptied the refrigerator and cupboards from food. Racked the leaves, well actually we run the lawnmower over them and this way the all the nutrients will remain in the ground.

So these are this season’s farewell photos, Enjoyed a lovely sunset and warmth of the fireplace plus the beautiful night sky you are able to see in the countryside as there are no street lights.