This shipyard in Helsinki is on standstill due to the Russian war attack going on in Ukraine. We went for lunch to a restaurant in front of it and obviously I took some photos, it is not the prettiest sight but it is a nice photo opportunity even though the window and the plex glass windshield outside.

There were these two boat restaurants waiting for the summer season to open their doors in the foreground.

I’m walking

I’m walking, I’m walking, walking in sunshine.

Helsinki seaside on a sunny day with the mist rising in the back and taking over the sunny sidewalks soon after these photos were taken.

On the road

I took a drive on this grey and misty day to barn shop about 40 km away from our house, just to buy some clothes I wanted, not needed. I don’t need anything, that is for sure, but sometimes, something new , warm and soft to lift my spirits is needed. That is what I try to convince myself. I tend to be cold very easily I often have woolen sock on in the summer, well not during a heat wave, but on those normal days.

Update on my purchase, I bought a BIG light beige cardigan and woolen top which was a mixture of a poncho and sweater in light brown. Poncho with sleeves, that what is is. No photos of them, but instead I offer you some road views from the drive.

After the rain

Foggy skies greeted us first thing in the morning, I took my time before I went outside to take some photos. I had my furry little friend following me. These I took with my mobile, and little bit later I took the camera for a walk.

Afternoon mist & blue moment

A flower’s appeal is in its contradictions – so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance, so small in size yet big in beauty, so short in life yet long on effect.

Adabella Radici

Misty road

The morning mist was lovely, we slept so late that we never caught it at our destination, it would have given me few great shots, instead I caught them in the car. As quickly as the mist came it also passed. So here are few misty road shots near Carmel by Sea. I had fun with editing 🙂 the last picture is just as the camera caught it.

Looks good in monochrome too.
Straight from the camera


I am repeating myself quit a bit, but cant help myself. I love the mist in August. Obviously I have tons of photos of it. Some better than others. Here are some, surprise, surprise from our summer house.

Beach life

Lazy, or something else, Haven’t been editing my Australia photos as quickly as I would have liked to. Have not even touched the ones I took in Hong Kong. I think, no, I know, I have not taken my camera out but only once since January. I think I am slightly depressed as I am not able to create anything new, I plan, I plan again, but then I don’t get anything done. My head is in a mist.

Have you been at this kind of a slump in your photography. You know, why do this, there are so many better, more creative and talented people out there. Who cares. Point being, I have always done this for me, never had any real ambition to be something. Just to share, the world as I see it. Come spring, hopefully, I will get back on the track.

Misty Beach

How to survive November 2018~3

It is that time of the year again that survival is definitely on my mind. The all consuming darkness drains me. I will survive, I will drive into the mist and disappear….




An impressionist view?

I took this photo and I know it is nothing but a blur… but somehow it is an impressionist view on mist. Am I  nuts for thinking so…it kind a looks like a pastel drawing

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