Snow covered lane

I am just going to put this here, as I went out today to take winter photos, I need to go through them. This is the first ones I am going to post. At this moment the sun was still shining. This Lane/ road looked so lovely I ad to stop to photograph it. Hope you enjoy it too.

Snowy lane
Nature is beautiful

Pastel blues

April Ist, I should be pulling some prank, but I won’t bother, I will just post few more pastel blue, misty photos. The mist was so thick, that you can touch in in these. These are photos from two years back that I looked at again and well was rather happy about and I just wanted to share them. This is the road that leads us to our summer house, it is well documented in all 26 seasons we have travelled it.

Veikka being a white cat is easy to spot in all other seasons but winter, but then again we don’t let him out at home during winter, only at our summer house as there is not so much traffic and a whole lot less neighbours. Tinka on the other hand being small and a brown cat can disappear so easily into the nature, but then again Tinka is not so brave and stays near the house and our own land.

Countdown to 2021-18

Today: Sunrise at 9:24- Sunset 15:14- Length of day 5:50 hours – time of dusk 0:58 minutes . A minute less of daylight than yesterday. Only 3 more days until winter solstice.

Yesterday was somewhat peculiar, regarding to my job hunt, really odd. As most of the days there are no contacts in anyway or form to my applications, email, calls. Well yesterday, just before lunch I had a phone interview – it went well in my opinion. We are forwarding to the next step, maybe, hopefully, a F2F interview. By the way, these are no way related to the one I posted about previously, that did not go further. NO response at all. These are new opportunities.

Then when I was having lunch, I got another call. I was what, who can be calling – I mean two calls a day, what has this world come to 🙂 It was another company asking me to come for an interview in person. Wow! That was a nice surprise. Glad I answered the phone.

This morning already on the road by the time I usually start to wake up. It was dark, wet morning. The road soaked all the light, I had forgotten these mornings in the car. I was there on time even if there was surprisingly amount of traffic.

I had the interview with two nice ladies. I thought it went well, nice conversation with me trying to sell my experience and skills, but who knows. Most likely I will not get it, (the salary request) but it was nice to get the opportunity introduce myself in person. One more experience for the road.

Wet road
Xmas light reflectiond

I will be posting new and old photos somehow related to winter, Christmas and eventually anticipation of new year. My aim is to take one new photo a day, but not going to stress over it, if I don’t come up with anything.

Would you like to join us? Join in with this title and link it to my page.

Misty road

The morning mist was lovely, we slept so late that we never caught it at our destination, it would have given me few great shots, instead I caught them in the car. As quickly as the mist came it also passed. So here are few misty road shots near Carmel by Sea. I had fun with editing 🙂 the last picture is just as the camera caught it.

Looks good in monochrome too.
Straight from the camera

on the road #3

Still on the road. What you see when you travel and stay awake..

How to survive November 2018~3

It is that time of the year again that survival is definitely on my mind. The all consuming darkness drains me. I will survive, I will drive into the mist and disappear….




Winding road

The long and winding road
That leads to your door
Will never disappear
I’ve seen that road before
It always leads me herecountry-roads-in-fall-6

summer walk

This photo with its soft light coming throught the trees, the girls walking on the side of the road, it just spell summer to me. Do you agree with me?
Inkoo (135 of 254)

Welcome to Wednesday around the world!!

Ritva Sillanmäki (37 of 71) Ritva Sillanmäki (39 of 71)

No snow, lots of old leaves and brown everywhere. Waiting for the green to push through.


Pieni Lintu

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


I usually do not explain my photo choices. This lane takes me to a place I treasure for peace,my summer home. Watching this road you can see sun making beautiful colors and shadows as it goes around it. So it looks different all the time.. You can hear the birds sing – you can hear the silence! What a treasure to go and relax from the hectic life we lead.

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge: No. 16

Sometimes it is hard to see the way… Cee’s Which Way Challenge: No. 16

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Green path

This week I’m displaying Which Ways – where there is a lot of grass in the photo.  Whether the grass is the actual path or surrounds the path. Here is my green path road. green path road green path with light green path with a cat Green path


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Cee’s Which Way Challenge: No. 8

A word a week challenge: Bisect and Sunday Stills: Motorcycles

I was sure that I would not have photos of these two topics, but going through archives I found out that the road is bisected to two equal parts ( a stretch,  I know)- and motorcycles have been to seen on the road.

Bridge and road Motorcycle - police road thru tunnel Police motorcycle

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Country road


Tina´s wordless wednesday # 81

Tina´s wordless wednesday # 81

Ice sculptures next to the driveway…