Something I noticed #21

When looking carefully, something I noticed was this bumble bee. That’s all for today.


For days I tried to catch a shot of a bee for the bugs challenge. I did not get one, well come today , a day after I sent my entry. BEE’s everywhere, I got some presentable shots. BZZZ, BZZz

RS 2014 (37 of 79)

RS 2014 (31 of 79) RS 2014 (35 of 79)

One Word Photo Challenge: Eggplant

Eggplant as a color, I actually like, but do I have pictures that have that color. I had to do a whole lot of search in my archives. Hopefully one of these will pass as it.

4-bride-31 3-DSC06706 5-DSC01044 6- Ruuhijarvi Elokuu 2013-136

One Word Photo Challenge: Eggplant

One Word Photo Challenge: Black


Trying to find black things I’ve photographed was surprisingly hard, I did not want to do black and white photos, as black was the the color of the challenge. I found black in lots of my photos, as a background, a shadow, but a black object not so readily found. Well here is the result of my search.