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One Word Photo Challenge: Peach

RS 2014-5 RS 2014-6 RS 2014-7 RS 2014-21 RS 2014-33 RS 2014

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Peach. I have a dress in that color  from the 1980’s it’s  peach, worn once. I’ve kept all these years for the memories. I could not take a photograph of the whole dress as it was so crumpled at the bottom. Also  I was too lazy to iron it.


One Word Photo Challenge: Brown

All photos can be enlarged by a click 🙂

Brown is everywhere at the moment – the spring green is trying to push it away. we helped the nature by raking the leaves, we had a little helper with us. What do you think of my browns?


One Word Photo Challenge: Black


Trying to find black things I’ve photographed was surprisingly hard, I did not want to do black and white photos, as black was the the color of the challenge. I found black in lots of my photos, as a background, a shadow, but a black object not so readily found. Well here is the result of my search.