October close-up – oak tree leaf

October surprises with frost and colorful leaves 🍃 afters a cold night. The splash of color got my attention, here are more shots of the frosty morning.

Since I am sharing close-ups, mostly of flowers I’ve decided also to participate in Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge. 

lovely greens
A fallen leaf in the grass
Light captured the leaf of an oak tree

May – Marco#5

What a difference a day makes, beautiful, sunny day and the nature blooms. Loving it! Not sure these can be categorized as macro’s but close-ups still.


The Weekend in Black and White

Continuing in minimalist style in BW

Catching light – Sunshine on a wet leaf

a leaf with water in the light
a leaf with water in the light

NF Inspiring Photography 110 – Catching light Sunshine on wet leaves and  Macro Monday 2

NF Inspiring Photography 108 – Catching the light through the hole

Catching the light through the hole
Catching the light through the hole

Macro Monday – stump of a tree

I was walking in the woods looking at tree stumps and details around them …looking for macro opportunities.
Here is some shots from my wanderings. All photos can be enlarged by a click.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Eggplant

Eggplant as a color, I actually like, but do I have pictures that have that color. I had to do a whole lot of search in my archives. Hopefully one of these will pass as it.

4-bride-31 3-DSC06706 5-DSC01044 6- Ruuhijarvi Elokuu 2013-136

One Word Photo Challenge: Eggplant

Green with a touch of sunlight

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Tulip bud and leaves after rain

RS 2014 5-11-3