Something I noticed #6

Weather, something I notice everyday and at this moment listened to, and it appealed to me. Listen, listen to the falling rain…

Very mundane, still so pleasing. This song often comes to mind when listening to rain.

Falling rain

Listen to it pour,
And with every drop of rain
You know I love you more
Let it rain all night long
Let my love for you grow strong,
As long as we’re together
Who cares about the weather?
Listen to the falling rain
Listen to it pour
And with every drop of rain,
I can hear you call,
Call my name right out loud,
I can hear above the clouds
And I’m here among the puddles
You and I together huddle.
Listen to the falling rain,
Listen to it rain.




We are having some heavy duty rain at the moment, I woke up couple times in the early morning hours to the sound of it. Luckily I fell asleep again quickly to an odd dream. These ones are taken from my car while waiting for my hubby to come back from the store which I had no desire to go to.

Rainbow colors~2

As the rainbow was behind my back and I was facing the lake with the sun shining on my face in as a slight drizzle came down I took these photos of the rain. I was able to capture the “rainbow balls” I do not know the name for this effect, but I am very happy with these captures, what do you think ?


All’s well, what’s a rainy day?

All’s well, what’s a rainy day? / Never mind that cloud, behind that cloud you’ll find a golden ray.  

Jonathan Swift

How to Survive November 2017 -8

Matinkylä (4)

Yesterdays sunshine turned to rain, me and a huge amount of others went to the mall to escape the rain…these are taken on the way home. Quite notable is  that this is also taken little after 3 PM… what a difference a day makes.

Tulip bud and leaves after rain

RS 2014 5-11-3

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring II

Spring surprises us, yesterday and today we have had showers of hail, and rain and sleet. Sun has also come out between all these variations of weather.
I took these photos 15 min ago, and now the sun is shining. The wonders of spring weather.