As I stated in my 52 Frames post, that I would post a separate post about droplets. Here it is.

I love photographing them, most of them are not worth the digital space they take and sometimes I am lucky and I am happy with them and share them. As you have guessed, I am happy how these turned out. Minimalist, simple and green.

“A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.” – Henry David Thoreau

New York Aster

Droplets after the rain

This morning we had sunshine for a moment, I went out side once again to photograph droplets. I think these came out better. I will have to stick to taking photos in good weather.

Droplets in the rain

I don’t know what came over me yesterday, I went out in the rain to photograph droplets. Here is the results from that outing.


I took a walk outside between the rain showers we have had for the past few days, from what I’ve read, not much improvement is to be expected.

These  droplet pictures are here in color, and I will post them at RITVA’S ART – MONOCHROME PHOTOGRAPHY in as the blog name suggests in Mono.

I have fallen in love with black and white images, so I set a new blog just for them. I am  still trying to figure out the theme for it. That may change… but if you time please visit and follow. I am totally exited about this project and would like to share it with you.

All photos can be enlarged by a click.

Vesi / Water

More pictures of water  at: Makrohaaste 110