May – Marco#5

What a difference a day makes, beautiful, sunny day and the nature blooms. Loving it! Not sure these can be categorized as macro’s but close-ups still.



I always enjoy the finds of nature around these bolt on my backyard fence. I took these today as we had a a moment of light much to my surprise.

Catching light – Sunshine on a wet leaf

a leaf with water in the light
a leaf with water in the light

NF Inspiring Photography 110 – Catching light Sunshine on wet leaves and  Macro Monday 2

Colors – Red and Green

The topic was color, my first thought was flowers so colorful and vibrant, Instead I chose buildings with color…but they are not macro,so no they are out,  these are kind of macro photos of  apples and berries

red and green

red and green

Linked to  MakroTex: Makrohaaste 112

After the rain…

…one tulip and rain drops remain

tulip leaf Tulip rain drops