Fern II ~ Color or BW ?

This is an other take on the take on the Color versus BW. I thing the nuances are very small between the two posts very similar. Any opinions about this?

Small fern ball in color
Small fern ball in Bw

Yellow Water-lily


NF Blo-Ma – raspberry flowers


RS 2014-06-15 - ruuhijärvi-112

RS 2014-06-15 - ruuhijärvi-110


More at: NF Blo-Ma

Life of a dandelion

Past week the weather has been great here in southern Finland, I’ve spent my days outside. Sunshine and warm temperatures, what  a bliss. Today it has rained and I’ve been posting my pictures taken this past week. This weed is lovely ,it is summer, but a pain in the garden. Here is the story of dandelion – as I see it. From beginning to end.

Yellow wild flower( read weed)

I have no name for this plant, I never do, I just take photos of something pretty. I love the texture here, they are weeds I know, but pretty.