Forget me not

this is the time to take photos of this small and delicate beauty the comes to life when you look close enough. These are taken after the rain with small droplets still to be found in some shots.

Forget me not


My first flowers in my garden / backyard have bloomed. These are the only photos I have taken in many days. I have tried to stay of the computer and camera… will just post these and continue to rest my arm. There was few days between the shots with snow around the flowers and when it had melted.

Fresh from the cottage

I am self-isolating at my summer house and once again documenting the spring miracles that brighten our minds and spirits every year. The light is so strong up-lifter of the mood. We have lots of light now and I am so happy about it, as I am about the new green, beginnings of summer.

Fern II ~ Color or BW ?

This is an other take on the take on the Color versus BW. I thing the nuances are very small between the two posts very similar. Any opinions about this?

Small fern ball in color
Small fern ball in Bw

Idänsinililja eli Scilla siberica

Scilla siberica is blooming also in my back yard