Forget me not

this is the time to take photos of this small and delicate beauty the comes to life when you look close enough. These are taken after the rain with small droplets still to be found in some shots.

Forget me not

Good signs

Today I am getting my first covid shot, they are being done like clockwork, the times were 5 minutes apart and then you stay there for 15 minutes so it can be monitored if you get some compilations.

My husband had his a week ago, only thing he experienced was a slightly sore arm. All good.

Good news all around. I got an interview for a HR job for monday – it would last 6 months. My oldest son got a new job yesterday with a nice raise. Middle on got a new job today and starts on Monday. Now I hope that the restaurants will be able to open soon so my youngest boy would also be able to return to work. So lots of positives fibes going on at the moment.

It has been cold, it still is but I did spot some spring flowers. Here they are for your joy too.

Fresh from the cottage

I am self-isolating at my summer house and once again documenting the spring miracles that brighten our minds and spirits every year. The light is so strong up-lifter of the mood. We have lots of light now and I am so happy about it, as I am about the new green, beginnings of summer.

April 29

April is coming to end and there are some signs of the spring reaching us here in the north. As May takes over I will be posting macro shots of nature. That’s were I will be able to witness it first in details. This weekend I noticed three flowers popping up… it is a beginning.

Spring macros (5 of 15)Spring macros (3 of 15)